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More Universal Studios Than Dr. Seuss But Family Friendly.

By Al P
Written October 09, 2014
Dr. Seuss's estate entrusted its precious children's brand to Universal Studios many years ago. Since then Universal has fully exploited the opportunity it presented, even including a Seuss themed land in one of their amusement parks, mostly in hopes of cashing in on product tie-ins galore through the years. Tie-ins prompted by Seuss movies of course. The bean counters may need to re-think that strategy should the production side of the house continue making Seuss films like this one. Oh, it's a good flick overall. One that kids and adults can enjoy, provided of course the adults are OK with Seuss being politicized in order to acculturate their kids as advocates for Hollywood's causes du jour. Not that being an environmentalist is a bad thing but once you open the propaganda box, what comes next? Do you really want to pay to have your kids programmed by a corporation in kid-speak, in cartoons? Anyway, see it but you might want to talk about more than conservation afterward.
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The Lorax

By maxium 2
Written April 12, 2012
The movie was great! My grandson and I went to see this yesterday and it made both of us laugh. For an adult I enjoyed it very much. This movie was very well written and it is for any age. I just loved grandma, the voice of Betty White.
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A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean.

By rcutright
Written December 06, 2016
Great movie with lots of memorable moments and quotes. Family fun for all ages. Humorous on multiple levels - i.e "too big to fail" Fairly true to the book, although it takes more of a "willy wonka" twist during the classical biggering, and biggering portion.
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Fun for everyone

By awiddis
Written March 23, 2017
The whole reason that my family and I went to see this movie was because we all loved the book and let's face it who can resist Danny DeVito's voice in an animated movie? This movie had my entire family laughing all the way through, it was genuinely entertaining and I will probably buy it so we can watch it again. This film was very witty and there was definitely some humor mixed in that only the adults would understand. All in all this was a great film, every aspect of the movie was well done and did not leave you wanting. So, whether you have kids or not you should go see this because it will make you laugh and the life lesson in the movie is not a "moral clubbing" as it was in Happy Feet.
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Damaging to humanity

By skatron
Written March 05, 2012
dear Illumination entertainment, next time you decide to underestimate the responsibility of accurately portraying a past artist's work, Please do not hire the television executives from trendy, 15 minute, over produced, Holly Wood main stream to direct the film. What a turd. Please don't make any more films. Thank you.
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