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The Lorax

By cbmoley
Written August 11, 2014
Fun for the whole family! I like the underlying message; it is important that we care about our kids and their future children enough to take care and caution with our home - Earth! I even was a little teary-eyed at the end of the movie.
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By kkangaroo14
Written March 03, 2012
This movie was okay but I expected it to be great, from the preview and the touching book it looked like an inspiring and heroic story, in which it didn't meet my expectations. I didn't like how the main character (played by Zac Efron) Ted only tried to save the trees because of Audrey, I think there should be much more to it and it should've gone into depth. And although the world they were living in was actually just polluted and fake they were living perfectly fine! Allowing the idea we can chop down all our trees and survive happily (even if is on bottled air). Besides those negatives Thneed city was brilliantly designed and the truffula trees were beautiful with their vibrant colors. The ending was very touching. The 3D animation was great. I think this movie would be perfect to bring children to, it really teaches a valuable lesson and is humorous. If you haven't seen the Lorax yet go! You have nothing to loose. Even if it wasn't my favorite, I admit I have high expectations.
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The Lorax

By lroderick410
Written March 05, 2012
Cute family movie however, pushes an exagerated environmental agenda. Funny how they always bring this stuff out in an election year! I educated my children on the importance of trees (photosynthesis, absorbtion of C02, replacement of trees after logging etc) but, that if it weren't for trees we would all be living in tents. Children are very impressionable and we needn't corrupt their minds with a short sided film that promotes a extreme environmental agenda.
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Little People and the LORAX

By Mosie2u
Written March 05, 2012
The theater was unusually quiet. No cell phones ringing. No one whispering and chatting about shopping or misery at work. QUIET! Occassionally, giggles would roll like waves through the gathering of munchkins, big and small. A more rapt audience could not be found. Amazingly, the audience was comprised of 80% children and 20% adults (older children by far.) There was no crying, whining, begging for treats, tantrums, crabbiness, sulking. Why? The LORAX was enthralling! From the opening credits to the closing, people big and small paid attention. This is so refreshing. I can't tell you when I have been to a movie that was packed out, a 4 o'clock showing, to be sure. But, even the 2 o'clock showing was packed out. WITH, little people, who chose to behave well, listen, watch and be thrilled, as was I. A delightful time, a precious movie - thank you for bringiing Dr Seuss' The Lorax to life.
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My Daughter liked it

By mikewendt
Written March 03, 2012
We saw the best parts of the movie, and the funniest lines in the commercials. The rest of the movie was entertaining enough, but I recomend waiting for video.
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