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By tattooedblonde76
Written March 04, 2012
What a great, great movie! I never really look forward to seeing a kids movie, but i have to say...this one is my favorite kids movie that i have seen in the last 8 years! Go see it!
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By kjhegeman
Written March 04, 2012
"Epic" That's what my 12 year old daughter had to say. The kids really loved it; I thought it was cute. The songs were very entertaining. The 3D effect was not worth the extra money though.
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The Lorax

By gted
Written March 03, 2012
Written in 1971, the year of the first Earth Day, Dr. Seuss has a strong message about destroying the natural things on earth. The movie takes a bit longer to tell the story, but probably gets it message through to most kids over about 6 years of age. That is, by destroying the trees, other plants and streams, we create an artificial world with artificial values. Excellent graphics in 3D and faithful to the characters in the book. Expanded text, but not losing the theme, it flowed well. Contrary to Leonard Maltin's review on Reels channel on March 2, the 6-10 year olds around me in the movie were mesmerized and seemed to enjoy the movie. Perhaps Mr Maltin did not understand what would work for the youngsters. My second grade teacher-daughter, a Seuss fanatic, thought it told the story well. Dr. Seuss always had a moral or message in his stories, even the Cat in the Hat. I really think this is a must see for kids to understand the importance of sustainability for the future.
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Great movie for kids and adults!

By janet1234
Written March 19, 2012
This was such a great movie! We saw it in 3D. Well worth the extra money, the 3D effects were great. I loved the singing fishes, I just wish they sung more! LOL! I am a grandmother that took my grand-daughter, and grown daughter. We all LOVED it!! This is a must see for any age!! Go Dr. Suess!
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By fuma5788
Written March 03, 2012
This movie was one of the worst Left Wing movies I have ever seen. Did they get directing advice from Michael Moore? I walked out of the movie and asked for my money back! To sum it up in a couple of phrases; big money, BAD, making money, BAD, people who are successful, BAD. If you are a Democrat and want to, “spread the wealth around”, this is the movie for you and your children. Don’t waste your hard earned money and just rent the DVD!!!
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