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An Important Message

By chimplove
Written March 04, 2012
The Lorax is very relevant to what is happening in the world today. The message is delivered in such a way that it is engaging for kids, while still teaching a valuable lesson, And it is only by getting the youth of the world to care about the planet that we will have a chance to save it. Although not as humorous as many of today's animated movies, it was still enjoyable for the adults in the audience, as well as the kids.
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The Lorax

By boxxy81
Written March 05, 2012
I took 2 of my grandchildren to see it in 3D yesterday. They are ages 7 and 10. We all found it to be enjoable. The songs were cute and the 3D was exceptional. Would recommend going to see it.
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To "old school" Lorax purists...

By toddpeterson
Written March 05, 2012
I'm one of you. I loved the book as a child andI have since shared with my own kids. I was immediately turned off by the whole idea of this movie, and the advertising didn't help. But my kids LOVE the book and LOVED the old movie and wanted to go to this one. So I took them; withholding my own reluctance and fear that a modern adaptation would sour the message of the original. I needn't have worried. Where this movie excells is in crafting a workable backstory, fleshed out with it's own characters and dramatic arcs, while remaining faithful to the book itself. The character of the "Once-ler" is humanized with a nod to the relevance of human aspiration and ambition; portraryed simply as the everyman looking to make good, and upon finding unexpected success, getting caught up in the moment. This movie augments one's experience with the book in spinning a timely cautionary tale. And while the book ended on a melancholy note, the movie grants a prologue that is worth admission.
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Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

By chicsinger
Written March 03, 2012
Perfect for kids & adults - no inappropriate humor at all. Gorgeous images & a solid story. The bad guy's haircut is ludicrous - that is really my only negative opinion. Go see!!
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Good Movie

By shrncir
Written March 05, 2012
I thought it was a great movie, and is relevant to today's green movement. I'd say that it is a movie for all age groups, kids will enjoy it and adults will appreciate it.
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