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good and bad

By happyhb
dr. laura was great, but the movie theatre had a hard time pushing play! They should have had it more together. thanks for putting this on, Dr. Laura!...

Terrible production; okay content

By vjanef
Dr. Laura needs to hire a new production company. Camera shook about one-half the time; audio was often difficult to hear; she continually had difficulties with her microphone and the production...

Dr Laura in praise of mom

By 40gato
I'm a Dr Laura radio and book fan but this movie presentation was not good. Not very interesting or funny and weird costume changes were distracting. I wouldn't recommend paying the cost of the...

the best performance i have seen in years

By brigittgraves
what a wonderful gift to myself for mother's day going to see this performance was, i recommend it to everyone, even, non mothers, it will change your outlook on moms all over....


By bill vogel
thought it was quite overpriced for what it delivered. i'll stick to listening to her on the radio....


By Kirkham95033
I haven't been able to see a live show, so I was appreciative of being able to see her show in a location and at a time that was more convenient to my schedule. I appreciate her support of At Home...

Dr. Laura's terrible experience

By dwestphal
At the Century theater in Orange, CA, they couldn't get the performance started correctly for a half hour. It played the beginning over and over. The last 10 minutes of the show was a blank screen...

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