Dough Synopsis
Jonathan Pryce and Pauline Collins star in this hilarious new comedy that shows you don't have to be baked to make some Dough! An old Jewish baker takes on a young Muslim apprentice to save his failing London kosher bakery.
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By rajdreamz
Susan (my soul-mate) and I saw DOUGH last night at the Kew Gardens Theatre and we loved it! Such wacky and heartwarming comedies are a real pickup and a joy to the soul, in the face of so much hatred...


By hkaplan918
This film begins as formulaic fluff and devolves into annoyingly silly slapstick. It was nearly impossible to feel anything resembling interest in the cardboard characters or to suspend disbelief....


By aewswc

Very funny and entertaining....

Fandango Customer service

By Victorr1
'Jay: Thank you for contacting Fandango Customer Support. My name is O'Jay. How may I assist you today? Victor Rousso: I thought that I was buying tickets for May 8th Victor Rousso: I thought...


By susanbkelly
Great feel good movie with lots of laughs and a message to boot!...


By Allevensonyoung
This was a light, enjoyable independent film....