DOUBT is undoubtable one of the BEST movie of the year! Grade: SOLID A

Written December 20, 2008
Dec. 18 - I just attended the advance press screening of this EXCELLENTLY produced/directed/acted 104-minute movie based on a original play by John Patrick Shanley who also directed and screen-wrote this Oscar-worthy movie. Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Viola Davis were PHENOMENAL in their masterful portrayals. This HIGH caliber of acting skills is certainly why movies SHOULD be made. Although set in 1964, the heavy themes explored in the movie are applicable to this day and age's trials, tribulations and current events - prejudice, intolerance, obedience, compassion/kindness, faith/religion, etc. DOUBT is certainly not the usual average Hollywood formulaic mind-numbingly mindless explosion-filled bullet-riddled 'blockbuster' or hollow comedies - it is a substantial movie that is thought-provoking and controversial. VERDICT: A MUST SEE movie! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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By Cubafriminican
Written December 21, 2008
What do you do when you have no doubt, that you aren't sure what you think you're sure about? Who is god? Who is godlike? And who can judge either? If you aren't prepared to think, go see this film because it will make you feel, instead. If you aren't prepared to feel, go see this film, because it will make you think about what think you know for sure. Meryl Streep was absolutely incredible in her dead-on Catholic school nun with yardsticks for hands. She brilliantly balanced a cold, dogmatic persona with snippets of compassion, in her spoken and body language (so the script was good too). Phillip Seymour Hoffman, another stellar performance. But the best performance of the film, to me, was the 10 minutes or so that Viola Davis got on the screen to wow us. Unbelievable. Intense. Profound. Happy. Sad. Amy Adams was very good, as well. The film was expertly cast, period. Just a beautiful film. Jarring. Go see it.
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By bennyg311
Written December 17, 2008
Wonderful movie, wonderful acting, intelligent nuanced plot. Very much enjoyed. Many marks above the usual crap that's put out by hollywood.
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By Beverley Taylor
Written December 18, 2008
Best film I have seen in years!!! Meryl Streep is clearly the finest American actress in the country, and her work here is well matched by Philip Seymor Hoffman. This film is brilliant in all ways: acting, directing, casting, the script, symbolism, photograph. I have never seen the nun, Sister James, before, but she too was perfectly cast for her role. I can't give a stronger review. I clung to every word and had no sense of time. A film that I look forward to seeing again and am encouraging everyone to go.
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I Had No DOUBT!!!!!

By Movieconnoseur
Written December 19, 2008
This movies is in fact one of the best movies of the year. All four perfomances are powerhouses and engaging... I am simply astonished as how Meryl Streep and Amy Adams got compeltely absorbed in their characters. Love it so much cant wait for it to come out on bluray!!!!!!!!
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