No Doubt About It

By amamoviecritic
Written January 25, 2009
There is an adage in theater that if the gun if brought out in the first act it must be used by the third act. Such was the case for this exceptional production: a well-crafted, well-executed, well-done performance by all the players in a chilling story of self-righteous destruction; self-righteousness void of even a hint of religious inclinations despite the setting. Meryl Streep is up to her usual expertise and no less was Phillip Seymour Hoffman as they provided a stiletto incision into the drama of personal agenda overwhelming even the capacity for reasonable thought in pursuit of conquest and domination. There is probable academy award material in this encounter. Amy Adams (and Viola Davis in a too-brief exposure) capture the essence of great supportive roles. This is a must see! And the gun? Look for a line from Sister Aloysius Beauvier about a cat. Then look out! And as for doubts? Plenty to go around. Be prepared to continue processing this movie long after.
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By eivomrevol
Written January 25, 2009
Good acting is the only + for this movie.
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By cmohanty
Written January 28, 2009
superb acting by all
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By cherylthebutterfly
Written December 31, 2008
I enjoyed this movie- very heavy and thought-provoking subject matter, but well done. Meryl Streep did an excellent job in her role as the nun who was an old-fashioned, tough principal of a Catholic school. The verbal battle between her and a priest (played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) whom she suspected of abusing one of the altar boys, was superb. I recommend this movie.
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By caddylvr2000
Written January 18, 2009
This was a great "acting" movie. The thing I liked best about it? It was short, to the point and moved along nicely. Im glad it wasnt one of those movies that dragged on and on (Ben Buttons). The end is fantastic.
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