By MenchacaR
Written January 17, 2009
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character study

Written December 29, 2008
Some of the reviews say Meryl Streep broke character in the last scene. I submit just the opposite. I think she continued her manipulation with her unrelenting goal of the truth and obtaining it by whatever means were at her disposal. Enough said, it is a film based on well developed main characters that show how your opinions and views are shaped by your character or lack thereof.
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By alfie5
Written January 02, 2009
I liiked the was very thought provoking and the acting was terrific. The nuns behavior and life style seemed more like the early 50's than the early 60's which was the time period of this film. There were some things in the movie, like the priests obsession with long and clean finger nails, that seemed out of place. I think it would be a great movie to watch with a group and then meet afterwards to discuss.
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By shelb
Written January 10, 2009
It depicts the tension between principal and priest very effectively. Streep and Hoffman are great and though we aren't privy to whether he did it they perform in a manner which makes it not that important. I feel Amy Adams should receive Oscar consideration for her excellent acting.
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By chuchunezbie
Written January 15, 2009
First off, Meryl Streep certainly kicks the ***of any actor or actress in any film in 2008. This was one of the most superb and most terrifying acting jobs I've ever seen and if she doesn't win best actress for this movie, the world may very possibly be coming to an end as we know it. As for the actual film.. The film was very good. Amy Adams also does remarkably, as does Philip Hoffman (Who I'm not particularly fond of myself). The film is in no way fast paced, but it's also not too short or too long. It keeps you in a guessing game throughout. You never know if Sister Beauvier has just lost it or if Father Flynn is really guilty. The end result of the film is not very good at giving you answers as well. The most disappointing part of the film is the ending not giving any sort of conclusion (which is what makes this a great film). We are able to get caught up in these characters and never actually know who to hate and who to clap for. if anything, go see it to see Streep at her best.
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