There is little DOUBT that this is a Splendid Movie!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written December 27, 2008
John Patrick Shanley's masterful, Pulitzer prize-winning play, DOUBT get an amazingly good adaptation by the playwright himself in what will certainly be at the head-of-the-class come nomination time! Story of a small parish rocked by allegations of new resident pastor who may or may not have acted appropriately with a new student, is only a springboard for many wonderful allegories about personal and public scrutiny of moral and ethical boundaries. Incredibly intelligent work by the entire cast including a fiercely intense Meryl Streep as the accusing Mother Superior, Philip Seymour Hoffman as the unflinchingly good humored Father Flynn, and Amy Adams as the very impressionable young novice ( with a special nod to Viola Davis in brilliantly heart-wrenching turn as a mother who has learned how to turn a blind eye one too many times! ). When acting these days in American movies comes in second to the CGI or target audience appeal, this is one film where it can be savored and revered!
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Without Doubt Questionable Acting

By NathanielQueen
Written January 09, 2009
This period piece which reonates with current problems in the church has good actors who seem stuck in their roles, rarely expanding upon what could really be great acting.
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By movie_fanatic_1
Written April 15, 2009
Doubt is definately a thinking game and really leaves you confused and frustrated. The story of a priest suspected of spending too much "quality" time with a new student.Streep, Hoffman, and Adams were great acots/actresses for the job. They really took their roles to heart. I was glad they left the ending as they did. I love the aspect that I get to choose what I believe happened. The story was grewat and I would love to see the play performed. Even thought it is the same scenery, I still feel like you had to play a guessing game and that kept me interested.
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Terrible Movie with no ending

By buffetfan1102
Written December 31, 2008
This movie has no conclusion. You leave the theatre wondering what happened. This movie also shows a possible negative aspect of a priest. When will hollywood stop showing bad priests and make a movie with good priests. There are lots of good priests in the church more than bad ones. This movie gets a F.
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Golden Ensemble Cast OSCARS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jmcossio87
Written December 30, 2008
I was sitting on my chair drinking my soda, soon I wanted to go to the restroom, no! I HAD to go to the restroom. But Meryl Streep was having a intense conversation with Hoffman and Adams. I couldn't go to the restroom. This was the climax of the movie and the best was yet to come. Soon I forgot about that restroom business and started to love and love even mo the incredible performances that these Heavyweight actors were pulling off. Even the rookie actress next to the veterans had a gold-calibur performance. EVEN an actress (Viola Davis) who was only in one scene and stole the scene from Streep had a wonderful performance! Streep is pitch perfect and the OSCAR cannot deny her GREATNESS. When Hoffman and Streep are in a scene together I can feel the electricity framing them and every word they say to each other (even the whispers) screams out thunder. This is filmaking at it's best. WINNER FOR SCORE, SCREENPLAY(definitely), ACTRESS;Streep and SUPPORTING ACTRESS;Adams.
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