By Skokiedude
Written December 22, 2008
THis was an exceptional movie. The acting was terrific with Streep, Hoffman and Adams at their best. The story was very thought provoking.
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The biggest problem in the Catholic church

By old_george
Written December 29, 2008
This will be an award winning film. Myrl Streep, Phillip Hoffman, and Amy Adams will all be nominated for Golden Globe as well as Oscar awards. What a wonderful film! A great story line about sexual abuse by the priest by the principal of the elementary school. Myrl Streep does an excellent job as the princpal and Phillip Hoffman is very convinceing as the parish priest. He did such an excellent job that I felt as though I would go to him for my confessions. This is a film not to miss, but maybe you should wait to see it on the small screen. In any case, don't miss it. You won't be disappointed.
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You won't be able to turn away

By 21over3
Written December 15, 2008
In regards to the writing, this movie was based on a play, that used the Catholic church and is system of orders to talk about issues that all of us face. Speculation, bureaucracy, & prejudgment are just some of the issues that Doubt takes on without holding back. I'm not Catholic but I could understand why it may be uncomfortable for some people who were raised Catholic to watch this movie. Nevertheless, I recommend this movies regardless of your faith, because it addresses issues with all face in a compelling, and in some moments, funny way (believe it or not). I hope SAG acknowledge the cast with it best ensemble cast nomination. The Golden Globes have recognized Streep, Hoffman, Adams, and Davis for there performances and I'm sure OSCAR will do the same. If I have to pick one I would say that Viola Davis is the most deserving of the four for an Oscar. You'll feel a gamut of emotions from her performance as well as the rest of the movie.
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By SteveHorrorFan
Written May 02, 2009
A master class in capital-A acting. Streep and Hoffman lock horns as the stiff Sister Aloysius and the progressive Father Flynn. Adapted from a Pulitzer winning play, Doubt simmers with suspicion, then comes to a bubbling boil when Sister Aloysius points her finger at the priest, accusing him of inappropriate behavior with a 12-year-old alter boy. Oscar nominees Amy Adams (as a naive young nun) and Viola Davis (as the young boy's hear-no-evil mother) placed well in smaller roles. Writer-director John Patrick Shanley's heavy metaphors (apocalyptic windstorms, light bulbs that go out on cue) are hardly a mortal sin.
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Meryl Streep is Phenominal in Doubt !!!!!!

By worthyaton
Written April 28, 2009
If you are a Meryl Streep fan, her performance in "Doubt" will astound you! This woman can play any part, any character, in any genre. I have followed her career for years and I am continually amazed at her versatility! Anyway, this movie is top notch. The plot twists and turns so that one minute you are persuaded to believe one way, then the next minute you change your mind and go the other way. "Doubt" lets you decide what is true and what is conjecture and doesn't tie up the loose ends with undisputable facts so you leave the theater in DOUBT. You will mull over and over in your mind the circumstancial evidence presented long after you've gotten home. I think that's the point they intended.
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