Spike Lee has shown a world that causes members of every race to collide and do wrongdoings at the expense of each other.

By Dominic LeRose
Written September 02, 2016
What's the big deal with race? For centuries now, race has been a factor that can determine if a person can get treatment at a facility, has the right to do something basic, or if a person can even live. Spike Lee shows us a world in Brooklyn on the hottest day of the summer to represent a sort of hell that involves multiple characters of different races fighting with each other. Whites being racist towards blacks, blacks towards whites, blacks towards Asians, you name it, we see it. Danny Aiello plays Sal, a pizzeria owner who's argument with a black man leads to a violent racial battle causing a disruption in the entire Brooklyn community. Spike Lee's Mookie is a delivery boy who questions Sal's intentions and his racist son's existence. Many other supporting characters provide the influence of segregated communities,and how races stick with each other. By not being bias on how only one race affects another, Spike Lee gives us disturbing and powerful scenes and sentences that show how racism is built into every race. Lee accomplishes this in groundbreaking and eye-opening fashion that can be both funny and mortally horrifying. Lee does play preacher at the end of the film. And that's a good thing. Through showing how each character is not doing the right thing, Lee shows us and tells us how to interact in peace with one another now matter which race we belong to. "Do The Right Thing" is a classic of the 20th century that is an ode to humanity and a film still relevant today due to the sickening failure of our society for races to completely get along with each other.
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