had a good laugh....can't watch it again

By ankushmohile
Written November 18, 2008
a very strong effort by karan johar to make the "gay" thing acceptable in the indian society by pushing a film like "dostana". Is anyone surprised by my statement .....don't think so. overall i think all the girls liked John more than Abhishek. Its another of those movies like Dhoom and Dhoom-2 which would have made by difference if Abhishek was not present on the screen. Priyanks is hot ............hoter........hotest on the screen and looks a bomb shell for sure. I think Bobby Doel does a decent job and would like to see him more in the movies to come. But the biggest and the hotest part of the movie is ........no doubt .......Miami !! Shilpa sizzles in the opening song and would not mind seeing more of her. The movie lacks a story and does become predictable. good luck next time Mr.Johar !!
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Great comedy!

By NeoBensalem
Written November 20, 2008
I think the comedy in the movie is good and fresh and so is the location. I think I speak for all desi's in the US that we were sick of seeing the same NY and London in our movies and Miami is a definite plus for the movie. All in all a good comedy film, but for grown ups. Abhishek and John have done 200% justice to the roles and deserve kudos for their acting and so does the music duo and the director. Go watch the movie!
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Funny.Different.Best Hindi Movie of the Year

By STalreja
Written November 22, 2008
I just loved this movie and laughed thru out the movie. There was a area that it got a little boring but that wasn't for long. The movie is full of suprises, twists and turns. You wanna have a wonderful evening, this is the movie to see! I love Abhishek and John in this movie! Abhiskehk is hot and D&G never looked better on any guy that John. You know what i am buying for my hubby this year!
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gay movie

Written November 20, 2008
Its as gay as it can get..:)..gay, both in the sense of happiness and in the context of homosexuality... priyanka is terrible as ever...
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Funny in parts

Written November 16, 2008
Good timepass movie... gets laborious toward the end when 2 adults start manipulating a 5 year old... Abhishek Bacchan is good and so is Priyanka Chopra... John Araham looks good but he really needs to work on his expressions...
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