Dorothy Wilson
Date of Birth
Nov 14, 1909
Birth Place:
Minneapolis, MN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1937 Gene Morgan Speed to Spare
1937 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Speed to Spare
1936 John Boles Craig's Wife
1936 Jane Darwell Craig's Wife
1936 Billie Burke Craig's Wife
1936 Rosalind Russell Craig's Wife
1936 Raymond Walburn Craig's Wife
1936 Thomas Mitchell Craig's Wife
1936 Elizabeth Risdon Craig's Wife
1936 Veree Teasdale The Milky Way
1936 Anthony Quinn The Milky Way
1936 Phil Tead The Milky Way
1936 Harold Lloyd The Milky Way
1936 Frank Mills The Milky Way
1936 Bruce Mitchell The Milky Way
1936 Helen Mack The Milky Way
1936 William Gargan The Milky Way
1936 Harry Myers The Milky Way
1936 Adolphe Menjou The Milky Way
1936 Lionel Stander The Milky Way
1936 Milburn Stone The Milky Way
1936 George Barbier The Milky Way
1936 Henry Roquemore The Milky Way
1935 James Dunn Bad Boy
1935 Louise Fazenda Bad Boy
1935 Beulah Bondi Bad Boy
1935 Dorothy Revier Circus Shadows
1935 William H. Ruhl Circus Shadows
1935 Kane Richmond Circus Shadows
1935 John Ince Circus Shadows
1935 Bill "Bojangles" Robinson In Old Kentucky
1935 Stanley Andrews In Old Kentucky
1935 Esther Dale In Old Kentucky
1935 Will Rogers In Old Kentucky
1935 Edward J. Le Saint In Old Kentucky
1935 Charles Sellon In Old Kentucky
1935 John Ince In Old Kentucky
1935 Alan Hale The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Henry Kolker The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Preston S. Foster The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Frank Conroy The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Edward Van Sloan The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Basil Rathbone The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Ward Bond The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Louis Calhern The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams One in a Million
1935 Charles Starrett One in a Million
1935 George O'Brien When a Man's a Man
1935 Paul Kelly When a Man's a Man
1935 Clarence H. Wilson When a Man's a Man
1934 Dorothy Revier Above the Clouds
1934 Sherry Hall Above the Clouds
1934 Robert Armstrong Above the Clouds
1934 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Dangerous Appointment
1934 Charles Starrett Dangerous Appointment
1934 Kay Johnson Eight Girls in a Boat
1934 Jean Rogers Eight Girls in a Boat
1934 Walter Connolly Eight Girls in a Boat
1934 Bruce Cabot His Greatest Gamble
1934 Edith Fellows His Greatest Gamble
1934 Richard Dix His Greatest Gamble
1934 Eily Malyon His Greatest Gamble
1934 Jeanette MacDonald The Merry Widow
1934 Akim Tamiroff The Merry Widow
1934 Rolfe Sedan The Merry Widow
1934 George Barbier The Merry Widow
1934 Dewey Robinson The Merry Widow
1934 Herman Bing The Merry Widow
1934 Russell Powell The Merry Widow
1934 Virginia Field The Merry Widow
1934 Leonid Kinskey The Merry Widow
1934 George Magrill The Merry Widow
1934 Donald Meek The Merry Widow
1934 Ferdinand Munier The Merry Widow
1934 Una Merkel The Merry Widow
1934 John Miller The Merry Widow
1934 Dorothy Granger The Merry Widow
1934 Maurice Chevalier The Merry Widow
1934 Billy Gilbert The Merry Widow
1934 Sterling Holloway The Merry Widow
1934 Edward Everett Horton The Merry Widow
1934 Frank Conroy The White Parade
1934 Loretta Young The White Parade
1934 Edward Earle The White Parade
1934 Frank Melton The White Parade
1934 John Boles The White Parade
1934 Jane Darwell The White Parade
1933 Jane Darwell Before Dawn
1933 Dudley Digges Before Dawn
1933 Warner Oland Before Dawn
1933 Stuart Erwin Before Dawn
1933 Edwin Stanley Lucky Devils
1933 Rochelle Hudson Lucky Devils
1933 William Gargan Lucky Devils
1933 Betty Furness Lucky Devils
1933 Ward Bond Lucky Devils
1933 Roscoe Ates Lucky Devils
1933 Bruce Cabot Lucky Devils
1933 Frank Mills Men of America
1933 Joel McCrea Scarlet River
1933 Rochelle Hudson Scarlet River
1933 Myrna Loy Scarlet River
1933 Edgar Kennedy Scarlet River
1933 Bruce Cabot Scarlet River
1933 Lon Chaney, Jr. Scarlet River
1933 Roscoe Ates Scarlet River
1933 Betty Furness Scarlet River
1933 Yakima Canutt Scarlet River
1932 Grady Sutton The Age of Consent
1932 John Halliday The Age of Consent
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