Dorothy Lee
Date of Birth
May 23, 1911
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1941 Kent Taylor Repent at Leisure
1941 Thurston Hall Repent at Leisure
1941 Virginia Vale Repent at Leisure
1941 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Repent at Leisure
1941 Cecil Cunningham Repent at Leisure
1941 Wendy Barrie Repent at Leisure
1941 George Barbier Repent at Leisure
1941 Charles King Roar of the Press
1941 Jean Parker Roar of the Press
1941 Betty Compson Roar of the Press
1941 Paul Fix Roar of the Press
1941 Wallace Ford Roar of the Press
1941 John Holland Roar of the Press
1941 Frank O'Connor Roar of the Press
1941 Lon Chaney, Jr. Too Many Blondes
1941 Rudy Vallee Too Many Blondes
1941 Shemp Howard Too Many Blondes
1941 Jerome Cowan Too Many Blondes
1941 Gus Schilling Too Many Blondes
1941 Eddie Quillan Too Many Blondes
1939 George Barbier S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939 Ralph Byrd S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939 Don "Red" Barry S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939 Raymond Bailey S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939 Marc Lawrence S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939 Oscar O'Shea S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939 Lucille Ball Twelve Crowded Hours
1939 Granville Bates Twelve Crowded Hours
1939 Allan Lane Twelve Crowded Hours
1939 Richard Dix Twelve Crowded Hours
1936 Dickie Moore Penthouse Party
1936 Reginald Denny Penthouse Party
1936 Evelyn Brent Penthouse Party
1936 Bruce Cabot Penthouse Party
1936 Bert Wheeler Silly Billies
1936 Ethan Laidlaw Silly Billies
1936 Robert Woolsey Silly Billies
1935 Bryant Washburn The Curtain Falls
1935 Dorothy Revier The Curtain Falls
1935 Roy Rogers The Old Homestead
1935 Mary Carlisle The Old Homestead
1935 Fuzzy Knight The Old Homestead
1935 The Sons of the Pioneers The Old Homestead
1935 Bert Wheeler The Rainmakers
1935 Clarence H. Wilson The Rainmakers
1935 Edgar Dearing The Rainmakers
1935 Berton Churchill The Rainmakers
1935 Robert Woolsey The Rainmakers
1935 Myrtle Stedman School for Girls
1935 Anna Q. Nilsson School for Girls
1935 George Cleveland School for Girls
1935 Anne Shirley School for Girls
1935 William Farnum School for Girls
1935 Paul Kelly School for Girls
1935 Lois Wilson School for Girls
1935 Charles Ray School for Girls
1935 Robert Warwick School for Girls
1935 Edward J. Le Saint School for Girls
1935 Purnell Pratt School for Girls
1934 Bert Wheeler Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Thelma Todd Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Robert Woolsey Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Franklin Pangborn Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Billy Gilbert Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Noah Beery, Sr. Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Harry "Snub" Pollard Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934 Robert Woolsey Hips, Hips, Hooray
1934 Thelma Todd Hips, Hips, Hooray
1934 Bert Wheeler Hips, Hips, Hooray
1933 James Dunn Take a Chance
1933 Cliff Edwards Take a Chance
1933 Marjorie Main Take a Chance
1933 Lillian Roth Take a Chance
1933 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Take a Chance
1932 Eddie Quillan Girl Crazy
1932 Robert Woolsey Girl Crazy
1932 Bert Wheeler Girl Crazy
1932 Mitzi Green Girl Crazy
1932 Lon Chaney, Jr. Girl Crazy
1932 Stanley Fields Girl Crazy
1931 Josephine Whittell Caught Plastered
1931 Charles B. Middleton Caught Plastered
1931 Robert Woolsey Caught Plastered
1931 Bert Wheeler Caught Plastered
1931 Hugh Herbert Cracked Nuts
1931 Edna May Oliver Cracked Nuts
1931 Ben Turpin Cracked Nuts
1931 Frank Lackteen Cracked Nuts
1931 Boris Karloff Cracked Nuts
1931 Robert Woolsey Cracked Nuts
1931 Roscoe Ates Cracked Nuts
1931 Bert Wheeler Cracked Nuts
1931 Stanley Fields Cracked Nuts
1931 Edna May Oliver Laugh and Get Rich
1931 Charles Sellon Laugh and Get Rich
1931 Hugh Herbert Laugh and Get Rich
1931 Joe E. Brown Local Boy Makes Good
1931 Bert Wheeler Peach O' Reno
1931 Robert Woolsey Peach O' Reno
1931 Sam Hardy Peach O' Reno
1931 Roscoe Ates Too Many Cooks
1931 Bert Wheeler Too Many Cooks
1930 Robert Woolsey The Cuckoos
1930 Bert Wheeler The Cuckoos
1930 Bert Wheeler Dixiana
1930 Dorothy Lamour Dixiana
1930 Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Dixiana
1930 Bebe Daniels Dixiana
1930 E.G. Marshall Dixiana
1930 Robert Woolsey Dixiana
1930 Bert Wheeler Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Edna May Oliver Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Robert Woolsey Half-Shot at Sunrise
1930 Bert Wheeler Hook, Line and Sinker
1930 Edna May Oliver Hook, Line and Sinker
1930 Stanley Fields Hook, Line and Sinker
1930 Robert Woolsey Hook, Line and Sinker
1930 Hugh Herbert Hook, Line and Sinker
1929 Georges Renavent Rio Rita
1929 Bebe Daniels Rio Rita
1929 John Boles Rio Rita
1929 Robert Woolsey Rio Rita
1929 Bert Wheeler Rio Rita
1929 Veree Teasdale Syncopation
1929 Bobby Watson Syncopation
1929 Ian Hunter Syncopation
1926 Art Mix Man from the Rio Grande
1926 Art Mix Paths of Flame
1926 Art Mix Salt Lake Trail
1920 Shirley Mason Her Elephant Man
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