Fair enough

By Kaenias
Written March 14, 2008
I enjoyed this movie. Just got back from seeing a midnight show of it. Of course it has the whole violence through military means, good ol' ugly sticks, and other fun and crazy nonsuch. The movie is very snap-snap, or in other words, it flows along quickly and hastily. The movie was entertaining, with a few quirks and giggles here and there. There are many cliche's in the movie, but they're not so blatantly blatant leaving u wondering if u should get ur money back. The movie moves quick enough to barely touch on these. Some good fight scenes, a lil' lil' bit of drama, mixed with a good deal of gore n' guts. Love that stuff. I found it satisfactory.
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I REALLY wanted to like this movie

By Frame_Ranger_X
Written March 15, 2008
I had the idea that while this film indeed borrows heavily from Mad Max, Escape From New York and 28 Days Later it would offer a fresh blend of the three. Sadly it is not. This falls directly into the category of "Check your brain at the door" action flick. Eypatch wearing Plissken, I mean remote cybernetic camera eye Eden Sinclair revels in being an anti-hero I suppose... it just never really comes out on screen. While Max offered a rather realistic vision of civil decline Doomsday slaps your intellect by showcasing an "end of the world" scenario in which those left in the quarantine zone want for NOTHING. Plenty of gas for their vehicles, tattoo parlors that must have stocked up in anti****tion of the end of civilization, plenty of water (for bathing obviously since almost NO ONE is covered in grime) and a crapload of hair gel. At the other end of the spectrum there is an INDESTRUCTIBLE Rolls Royce.. I mean damn... you can't ram a car into a bus w/out damage, right??
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Worst Movie Ever!!!!!

By Alofamo
Written April 09, 2008
This movie had to be the dumbest movie I have ever seen in my life. There is no way in the world that there can be a movie that can get any dumber. I couldn't figure out which part was worse, the part with the rockers that ate people or the midevil times people. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Dont even sneak in to see it! It was so horrible i had to laugh at how dumb it was. I could tell everyone else in the theatre that saw the movie felt the same cause you could here people say it throughout the movie.
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re: broghan's "butched-up female action flick" review

By aMtnClimber
Written March 14, 2008
Broghan claims that "butched-up female action" flick's are unrealistic. Since when are movies realistic? Is there anything about Doomsday that is realistic, and does it really matter???? So I have two points to make. First, I have a daughter, so I kind of like having her unrealistic super heros to be women. Second, I have seen a woman climb a vertical wall of ice and rock at 27,000 feet that had the men crying for mommy, so don't underestimate someone's potential physical skills because they happen to be a woman, you'll just end up looking and/or sounding stupid.
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By angda
Written April 11, 2008
Great movie!
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