Doomsday Synopsis
A group of specialists is dispatched into a quarantined country to retrieve a cure for the Reaper virus.
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Fair enough

By Kaenias
I enjoyed this movie. Just got back from seeing a midnight show of it. Of course it has the whole violence through military means, good ol' ugly sticks, and other fun and crazy nonsuch. The movie is...

I REALLY wanted to like this movie

By Frame_Ranger_X
I had the idea that while this film indeed borrows heavily from Mad Max, Escape From New York and 28 Days Later it would offer a fresh blend of the three. Sadly it is not. This falls directly into...

Worst Movie Ever!!!!!

By Alofamo
This movie had to be the dumbest movie I have ever seen in my life. There is no way in the world that there can be a movie that can get any dumber. I couldn't figure out which part was worse, the...

re: broghan's "butched-up female action flick" review

By aMtnClimber
Broghan claims that "butched-up female action" flick's are unrealistic. Since when are movies realistic? Is there anything about Doomsday that is realistic, and does it really matter???? So I have...


By angda
Great movie!...

Niel Marshall is the new horror

By rarebreed 666
Doomsday is a great horror flick throw back stlye to the films of the 80s and 70s. I saw the flick last night at midnight and I must admit when Marshall has some big time bucks behind him this dude...


By bloody_valentine


By roadnate
This is, by far, the best apocalyptic-cannibalistic-punk-medieval movie about Scotland that I have ever seen! It had everything that one could want from an apocalyptic-cannibalistic-punk-medieval...


Good movie, worthy action...

"This movie is a piece of ****!!!!"

By magician49
I recently calculated that over my 57 years I have gone to the movies on an average of 2 times a month for all that timeI And in addition I have sought out 1000's of videos, cds, etc. covering...

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, language and some sexual content/nudity
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Common Sense Media says Violent action flick paints a grim, bloody future.
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