Don Phillips

Worked With

Year Name Title
1993 Parker Posey Dazed and Confused
1993 Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused
1993 Ben Affleck Dazed and Confused
1993 Michelle Burke Dazed and Confused
1991 Jean Smart A Seduction in Travis County
1991 Peter Coyote A Seduction in Travis County
1991 Lesley Ann Warren A Seduction in Travis County
1983 Timothy Bottoms Tin Man
1983 Troy Donahue Tin Man
1983 John Phillip Law Tin Man
1952 Flora Robson The Frightened Bride
1952 Naunton Wayne The Frightened Bride
1952 Mai Zetterling The Frightened Bride
1952 Dennis Price The Frightened Bride
1952 Jane Hylton The Frightened Bride
1952 Mervyn Johns The Frightened Bride
1952 Andre Morell The Frightened Bride
1948 Edmond O'Brien Fighter Squadron
1948 Rock Hudson Fighter Squadron
1948 Robert Stack Fighter Squadron
1948 Walter Reed Fighter Squadron
1948 Arthur Space Fighter Squadron
1942 Raymond Massey Desperate Journey
1942 Douglas Walton Desperate Journey
1942 Ronald Reagan Desperate Journey
1942 Nancy Coleman Desperate Journey
1942 Albert Basserman Desperate Journey
1942 Errol Flynn Desperate Journey
1942 Arthur Kennedy Desperate Journey
1942 Otto Reichow Desperate Journey
1942 Henry Rowland Desperate Journey
1942 Sig Rumann Desperate Journey
1942 Alan Hale Desperate Journey
1942 William Hopper Desperate Journey
1942 Helmut Dantine Desperate Journey
1942 Hattie McDaniel The Male Animal
1942 Dave Willock The Male Animal
1942 Cliff Saum The Male Animal
1942 Henry Fonda The Male Animal
1942 Creighton Hale The Male Animal
1942 William Hopper The Male Animal
1942 Eugene Pallette The Male Animal
1942 Olivia de Havilland The Male Animal
1942 Raymond Bailey The Male Animal
1942 Don DeFore The Male Animal
1942 Jack Carson The Male Animal
1942 Audra Lindley The Male Animal
1942 Joan Leslie The Male Animal
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