By isrealigurl8
Written July 30, 2007
loved it! it was a little confusing at first but everything comes together at the end
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Must watch more than once

By coowboys
Written September 21, 2008
This movie is much better when you actually understand it. I thought it was really wierd the first time I saw it and I didn't get it, I thought it was just alright. This movie is mostly about time travel, along with other things. To understand this movie, you MUST understand the BOOK about time travel written by that old lady in this movie. Everything major thing that happens in this movie is based on that book. This book is VERY complicated and hard to connect to what happens in the movie, but here is a few examples: -The book says, "If a Tangent Universe occurs, it will be highly unstable, sustaining itself for no longer than several weeks." In the movie, this is the 28 days to the end of the world. -Donnie is "The Receiver" -The receiver has powers, like to conjure fire and water - which is why Donnie breaks the water pipe in the school and burns the guys house down. Water and fire. -If a person dies in the tangent universe, they can contact the living receiver - FRANK
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Second Favorite Movie

By spiceboy
Written May 27, 2008
Must see more than once...
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Richard Kelly

By musicmam10
Written June 21, 2010
Richard Kelly talks about his first day of principal photography, the rush of film making, and his favorite director moment!! I love this director! [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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prrty good

By mustlove_films17
Written March 09, 2009
From my point of view the movie was completly confusing, then i realised how brilliant and moving this movie could be for an moviegoer. The actors where realling into to character exspecially Drew Barrymore was my favorite role, as a teacher with a powerful meaning of thought. This movie is more for people over the age or at the age of 15 for the adult language, and sexual related humor. The film comes all together at the end and makes you really think about the movies story line and meaning. So finally i think this is a great movie for many to enjoy.
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