Donnie Darko Synopsis
An unusual teenager (Jake Gyllenhaal) listens to a 6-foot-tall rabbit.
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By isrealigurl8
loved it! it was a little confusing at first but everything comes together at the end...

Must watch more than once

By coowboys
This movie is much better when you actually understand it. I thought it was really wierd the first time I saw it and I didn't get it, I thought it was just alright. This movie is mostly about time...

Second Favorite Movie

By spiceboy
Must see more than once......

prrty good

By mustlove_films17
From my point of view the movie was completly confusing, then i realised how brilliant and moving this movie could be for an moviegoer. The actors where realling into to character exspecially Drew...

Richard Kelly

By musicmam10
Richard Kelly talks about his first day of principal photography, the rush of film making, and his favorite director moment!! I love this director! [BLOCKED WEBSITE]...


By bryce618
I didn't see it in theaters and I'm happy about that because I only got 30 minutes into the movie then turned it of because of Franks voice....

Donnie Darko

By gcontreras7
I was channel surfing when I just so happened to have landed on this channel showing "Donnie Darko".The movie is so abstract, yet you can't take off your eyes off it. This was and is my favorite movie...

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By kelliann1388
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90 out of 100

By RogueWatcher
Mainstream movie with Indie feel. However, if it were an Indie movie, it would be my favorite Indie movie....

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By Movieguy10704
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Rated R | For language, some drug use and violence
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Common Sense Media says Winningly edgy teen-angst sci-fi tragicomedy.
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