Don Jon

Written October 31, 2013
The accents and the constant use. Of "Baby" when referring to each other really got on my nerves. It was just too much. It ruined the otherwise cute storyline. I ended up leaving. I'll watch the rest on Netflix one day in pieces....
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Makes a Great Couple Movie

By OnionCat
Written November 03, 2013
Based on the cast and the trailer, both members of a couple would be happy with this film. It turns out, the audience was filled either with couples or girls to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie actually closely follows Jon's routine from watching porn, attending church, going to the gym, work, partying with the boys, etc. His moods and actions show how his routines gradually change and the ending left me surprised.
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Don Jon

By movie going granny
Written October 21, 2013
Save your $$ and stay home and ********** on line ..... that is 50% of this film!! No awards in the wings here for sure!!! As close to porn as you can get! Stay home is the best advice I can offer for this film. I attend movies at least 3x a month and some are great and some are good, but this was downright awful.
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Not for everyone, but nonetheless a fantastic writing/directing debut for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

By rfn5994
Written October 02, 2013
If you love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and want to try and figure out for yourself how he was able to function properly enough to still say lines and direct in his scenes with Scarlett Johansson, then I suggest checking this out. Oh, it's an awesome, funny movie with much heart, too. Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows what he can behind the camera as well as in front of it in his writing/directing debut.
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Don Jon

By likeaplot
Written November 10, 2013
This is a "coming-of-age" (bad pun) movie for 35-year olds. It's a good, sweet movie though, despite all the porn scenes. This is a movie about a guy who learns to be a real human being by giving up his addiction to activities that require solitude and secrecy. Scarlett Johanssen and Julianne Moore were fantastic in this, as were all the family members of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt was very convincing as the lead character. He made a sea-change in personality throughout the movie, but it was believable. That takes some real acting chops and I'm impressed. Go see this movie if the porn clips won't bother you too much.
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