Wanted to love it, but didn't

By cjkallin1
Written September 24, 2016
Saw the previews in theater and on TV (how could you miss it?) many, many times. The movie looked great: eye-candy for my wife and I, both. The acting was good, not great. And the premise for the movie showed promise, but it just never got there. Which is funny since, that's pretty much what the whole movie focuses on! Anyway, didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. Okay way to waste a mid-week afternoon I suppose.
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Don Jon

By movie going granny
Written October 21, 2013
Save your $$ and stay home and ********** on line ..... that is 50% of this film!! No awards in the wings here for sure!!! As close to porn as you can get! Stay home is the best advice I can offer for this film. I attend movies at least 3x a month and some are great and some are good, but this was downright awful.
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An Amazing First Film by JGL!

By NassaDane
Written August 02, 2015
I went into this film with very high expectations and I was given even more! A spectacular film Especially seeing as it is his first Directed and Written film. Splendidly funny and Candid. Wonderful layers of meaning through out the film make it even more impressive for being a virgin film maker. The themes were quite clear but this didn't detract from the film nor feel heavy handed in a negative way. I feared this would turn out to be a "Rom Com" like in the trailers Don Jon even says he doesn't like. Thank goodness this isn't the case. Perfect characters all around and plenty of heart. I'm not ashamed to say Don Jon made me cry, sorrow and joy. My Girlfriend and I were laughing pretty much all through out with the very real humor and situations this film had. One of the funniest movies of the year. Of my top ten of the year I feel this might be 4th or 5th which is great for a premier director's film. I would score it a 9 out of 10. A Must See Film!
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By enviro
Written May 04, 2016
I went in with pretty low expectations, and they were met. By the end I sort of cared about the main character, but not much. I was so bored of the caricatures, instead of characters, in this movie. Julianne Moore was great, her part of the movie was relatively interesting. Scarlett Johanssen was really good as a vapid nothing, but why do I care about a vapid nothing? Life is too short to waste at movies like this.
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Wonderfully entertaining!

By cfg231
Written August 24, 2016
This delightful story features strong performances in a tightly crafted film. A very strong directorial debut for Gordon-Levitt, this movie playfully exposes the disconnect between escapist fantasy and everyday life.
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