Wanted to leave, waited for redemption, it barely got there.

By kevin456789
Written September 29, 2013
It was not at all what I was expecting (tho I had not researched it ahead of time, so it was my fault maybe). I was expecting a character arc or two, and I suppose in a way it did get there to a certain extent, but not any satisifying way. The imagry of masterbating to porno was a bit over the top. They did a decent job of limiting exactly what you do see, but the jagged nature of the cuts and interruptions and in-your-face quality of it really turned me off. He did finally come to terms with the notion that his addition had completely warped his notion of how a sexual relationship should be, but I felt no satisfaction with how it got there and even then it was a bit oddly done. As for the sister on the cell phone... I kept waiting for the reveal, but it never came, except for one statement of insight and that was it. There was so much more that could have been reaped from that constant reminder that she is always texting. Also, If strobe lights bother you, do NOT see it.
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About Porn? It was porn! It should not be rated R

By stace995
Written November 03, 2013
I knew what the movie was about before going to see it. However, I thought, hoped rather, that more time would be devoted to focusing on the negative ramifications of the addiction. Not the case; It took nearly the entire "porn watching" movie for this to happen. It was probably the final scene before he gave it up. It really didn't send a loud message to the male population as I had hoped. This is an eppidemic in America (that I thought the movie would touch on as a way to overcome it). Something has to change or our young teens won't stand a chance a healthy monogomous reletionship. Don Jon was very misleading and disappointing! DO NOT let your teen see this X rated movie!
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Most realistic film based on casual sex and relationships...

By SxySpanishStud10
Written October 18, 2013
I found this film to be candidly refreshing about the subject of casual sex as well as relationships today. It wasn't necessarily mild blowing entertainment, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also found both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson extremely sexy!!! Not to mention that there's a cameo of two other hotties, Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway!
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Really Delightful

By michaeldj68
Written September 29, 2013
This film is quirky, funny, stylish, dirty, nasty, heartwarming and wonderful all the way around. The people next to me walked out after all the porn clips and nasty talk, but anyone who sticks around finds one of the most charming and unexpected comedies with true heart to have come out in quite a while. Congratulations to the entire team that made this movie.
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Worst Movie to date. Save your money. Pure garbage

By NYCbuff
Written September 28, 2013
This was just an attempt for Gordon lovett to pretend he is appealing. If your going to cast the lead character as a hot sexy male lead, then dont cast yourself when you look like a 15 yr old wimp. The whole movie was disgusting. If your a 13 yr old boy who enjoys seeing an idiot ********** through the whole movie go see this, otherwise save your money. Complete garbage.
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