About Porn? It was porn! It should not be rated R

By stace995
Written February 13, 2016
I knew what the movie was about before going to see it. However, I thought, hoped rather, that more time would be devoted to focusing on the negative ramifications of the addiction. Not the case; It took nearly the entire "porn watching" movie for this to happen. It was probably the final scene before he gave it up. It really didn't send a loud message to the male population as I had hoped. This is an eppidemic in America (that I thought the movie would touch on as a way to overcome it). Something has to change or our young teens won't stand a chance a healthy monogomous reletionship. Don Jon was very misleading and disappointing! DO NOT let your teen see this X rated movie!
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Makes a Great Couple Movie

By OnionCat
Written November 03, 2013
Based on the cast and the trailer, both members of a couple would be happy with this film. It turns out, the audience was filled either with couples or girls to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie actually closely follows Jon's routine from watching porn, attending church, going to the gym, work, partying with the boys, etc. His moods and actions show how his routines gradually change and the ending left me surprised.
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Wanted to love it, but didn't

By cjkallin1
Written May 24, 2016
Saw the previews in theater and on TV (how could you miss it?) many, many times. The movie looked great: eye-candy for my wife and I, both. The acting was good, not great. And the premise for the movie showed promise, but it just never got there. Which is funny since, that's pretty much what the whole movie focuses on! Anyway, didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. Okay way to waste a mid-week afternoon I suppose.
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Great life lessons

By Magic city kitty
Written August 24, 2016
This movie was great. It shows many life lessons for younger adults. It was very funny and you can see how the protagonist character grew. I really enjoyed the movie and would really recommend it for parents to bring their 18-19-20 year olds to....if you are not uncomfortable seeing some of the pornographic items with them. It will promote discussion for some very important issues that they need to learn sooner rather than later.
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Don Jon

By movie going granny
Written October 21, 2013
Save your $$ and stay home and ********** on line ..... that is 50% of this film!! No awards in the wings here for sure!!! As close to porn as you can get! Stay home is the best advice I can offer for this film. I attend movies at least 3x a month and some are great and some are good, but this was downright awful.
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