Stretches a Simple Premise

By michaelwstout
Written May 05, 2016
This movie stretches its simple premise into a 90 minute story that should have been told in 20. If Joseph Gordon-Levitt hadn't written and directed this, it would have never gotten made. Don't be suckered into buying a ticket for this low-budget, low-entertainment value movie.
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By rokkon13
Written July 01, 2016
This movie was ok. Me and my friends went to see it and we were laughing at some points but pretty much the whole trailer was like the movie, the movie is real repetitive, how many times do I need to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt walking down a hallway to go to the gym? If you were really excited for this movie as I was then I would say don't get your hopes up. If you really want to see this movie I HIGHLY recommend waiting for redbox, on demand, netflix, etc. This movie was like a 4/10 for me.
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By ABMolot
Written October 20, 2013
AWFUL..... TRASH.... Romantic comedy? The movie wasn't romantic and wasn't a comedy......Filled with gratuitous foul language and porn clips. Not a single likeable character in the movie And Tony Danza???? Adorable Tony Danza looked PATHETIC... Botox gone bad OR WHAT??? Don't waste your time.
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Most realistic film based on casual sex and relationships...

By SxySpanishStud10
Written July 01, 2016
I found this film to be candidly refreshing about the subject of casual sex as well as relationships today. It wasn't necessarily mild blowing entertainment, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also found both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson extremely sexy!!! Not to mention that there's a cameo of two other hotties, Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway!
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We talked about this movie all the way Home ....

By nathaliaj
Written September 05, 2015
I loved this movie ! My husband and I talked about the Movie, Sex and Relationships the whole drive home. Once couple left the theater during the Movie. It is a Mature movie and requires a certain sense of maturity, being comfortable with your self, and an open mind to sit through. The ending rocked us ! A all they way !!!
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