By EKinnaird
Written May 01, 2016
The acting was good bu the main character was so ambiguous that I never really liked him. In fact, I didn't really like ANY of the characters in this story. Also, through out the whole movie I kept feeling like there was something missing from the story line. There didn't seem to be any real character developement either. I love the actors in this movie, but this just wasn't good enough to rate a "Go."
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Don Jon

By plhovsepian
Written May 30, 2017
I really enjoyed this film by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The subject, a macho guy who gets his high from watching porno and then jacking off, made me uncomfortable at first. But, the acting by the main players was great, the plot was well written AND there was a real message at the end to bring it all together. The acting was suberb, a great job by Levitt and Johannsen. I especially appreciated the roles of the mother and the older woman. Julianna Moore is so sexy. An adult film, not for the squeemish.
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Looking for love

By Film_Fanatic_Foray
Written April 29, 2017
Don Jon, brilliantly written, directed and acted out by Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows the development of a Jersey boy from a superficial porn-watching, one-night standing womanizer to a caring and conscious lover. It takes an older woman to show him the true means and meaning of love, but he finally gets "it" in the end.
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Loved it

By cbo65
Written February 20, 2017
Lots of laughs, a great movie for men or women, and I am the latter! Things to ponder, as well as unanswered questions. Well written, edited, cast, and acted.
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Don Jon

By Mollie1119
Written May 30, 2016
This movie had a lot of funny moments and was well acted. The plot left a lot to be desired and the ending was incongruous with the rest of the movie. It had way too many repetitive porn scenes and not enough plot substance for my taste. It did make a point about how some men are regarding the opposite sex and how some women use men and try to control them. The ending was disappointing-- kind of just left you hanging. Definitely not for kids, probably not a good idea for a first date movie. Definitely not romantic.
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