Good Movie

By kahunanme
Written September 28, 2016
This movie was very entertaining. I am surpirsed it did not get a NR17 rating with all of the pron scenes they showed. Everyone was excellent even Tony Danza was hysterical. I would recommened this movie.
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Relationship Insght

By lusac
Written June 30, 2016
I enjoyed the insight of the relationship tutorial which Gordon-Levitt not only directed and acted but made me believe there is more to a relationship than sex. I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to any child 17 or older. How we as a people are easily influenced when looking for what we believe is love and find it when we look at opening ourselves to the world. A dangerous task as Gordon-Levitt's character almost experienced with his Johansen Love interest. Go see this entertaining debut of the world Gordon-Levitt knows to exist in our life.
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all over the place

By mpal_76
Written July 27, 2016
At times its a comedy and at times its a drama and at other times you have no idea what it is. It wasn't nearly as funny as I thought it was going to be. All in all it was ok but definitely not what I was expecting.
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Charming, Funny, Sweet

By HelenMchi
Written September 16, 2014
This movie was so enjoyable! Joseph Gordon Levitt is a double-threat, directing and starring in this contemporary tale of two lovers with different ideas about romance & sex. (And yes, there's a LOT of sex; mostly quick porn clips; nothing too offensive!) The actors in this film really do a great job of chewing up their scenes (I LOVED Tony Danza & Glenne Headley as Don Jon's bluie-collar, New Jersey Italian parents. The scenes at their dinner table were laugh aloud hilarious!) ScarJo does a great "Brooklyn gum-snappa" accent, complete with tight clothes & hoop earrings. This is definitely a second date movie and will be funny to both guys & girls. Jon's scenes with his buddies seemed really true and authentic.
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Great performances

By mgriffin3319
Written February 14, 2016
This is a brash movie with a subtle message, one definitely worth making. All the actors, in particular Scarlett Johansson, did a terrific job. Very impressed all around.
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