By kj95376
Written May 24, 2017
If you want to waste your money and watch a movie about watching porn and masturbating go for it. This should be listed and the worst movie for 2014. KJ
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A Man's Romantic Comedy

By MedRed
Written August 27, 2016
Romantic + Comedy. Those words together strike fear into many a male movie goer. Don Jon technically fits into this genre, but it is most certainly geared to a male audience. For Joseph Gordon-Levitt's writing and directorial debut, Don Jon is a solid effort. The plot is very much like a good wooden roller coaster. It's fun all the way through, but slowly loses steam after the initial drop. The ride is a bit bumpy, and it just kind of ends. The plot has reoccurring elements that start to wear thin midway through, but do tie in with Jon's OCD routines. Don Jon is very relatable for a lot of men. There are many "been there done that" scenes and quite possibly moments that will lead to some self reflection. Despite the story petering out towards the end, Don Jon is very enjoyable. I hope to see more from the former little kid that played on 3rd Rock from the Sun. There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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I loved it from the starting sequence!!!

By BranFlakes1981
Written June 25, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this film. The characters are very real and extremely entertaining. I think the amount of nudity was just perfect for the plot line. There were so many points that people can relate to. At moments, I could see similarities to my own life and people I know. This is an incredible starting point for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a writer/director and I hope he continues in this path. The casting was perfect as was the acting, cinematography, makeup and wardrobe!! I could tell from the shots that he has picked up many pointers through his career and I can't wait to see more from him. (Specifically, I felt like some shots could have been taken directly from Mysterious Skin, one of my all time favorite Joseph movies!!)
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By mjalex
Written October 23, 2016
I loved the acting but the story was not well written! Sorry I picked it. Wouldn't have been as disappointed if I had watched it at home. Not theater worthy!
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Surprising and very very good...

By jhfink
Written April 27, 2017
This is an exceptionally well written and executed film. As Joseph Gordon Levitt's first full length feature film - it represents a promising debut for him as a writer director. Lots to like here - funny, touching and surprising all at the same time. I really really loved this movie. A must see for me. It exceeded my expectations for the film. :)
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