Don James

Worked With

Year Name Title
1996 Robert Duvall A Family Thing
1996 David Keith A Family Thing
1996 Irma P. Hall A Family Thing
1996 James Earl Jones A Family Thing
1994 Tom Mason The Puppet Masters
1994 Keith David The Puppet Masters
1994 Richard Belzer The Puppet Masters
1994 Yaphet Kotto The Puppet Masters
1994 Will Patton The Puppet Masters
1994 Andrew Robinson The Puppet Masters
1994 Donald Sutherland The Puppet Masters
1992 Helen Hunt In the Company of Darkness
1992 Steven Weber In the Company of Darkness
1992 Irma P. Hall In the Company of Darkness
1992 Jeff Fahey In the Company of Darkness
1989 Jean Marais Next of Kin
1989 Michael J. Pollard Next of Kin
1989 Ted Levine Next of Kin
1989 Adam Baldwin Next of Kin
1989 Bill Paxton Next of Kin
1989 Helen Hunt Next of Kin
1989 Patrick Swayze Next of Kin
1989 Ben Stiller Next of Kin
1989 Liam Neeson Next of Kin
1989 Tommy Lee Jones The Package
1989 John Heard The Package
1989 Dennis Franz The Package
1989 Jack Gold The Package
1989 Pam Grier The Package
1989 Joanna Cassidy The Package
1989 Gene Hackman The Package
1987 Courtney B. Vance Hamburger Hill
1987 Steven Weber Hamburger Hill
1987 Dylan McDermott Hamburger Hill
1987 Don Cheadle Hamburger Hill
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