Don Harvey
Birth Place:
St. Clair Shores, MI

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Alfred Molina Secret in Their Eyes
2015 Nicole Kidman Secret in Their Eyes
2015 Julia Roberts Secret in Their Eyes
2015 Forest Whitaker Taken 3
2015 Famke Janssen Taken 3
2015 Liam Neeson Taken 3
2015 Bruce Willis Vice
2014 Frank Langella Noah
2014 Jennifer Connelly Noah
2014 Russell Crowe Noah
2014 Nick Nolte Noah
2014 Anthony Hopkins Noah
2014 Ray Winstone Noah
2014 John Cusack The Prince
2014 Jason Patric The Prince
2014 Bruce Willis The Prince
2013 Giovanni Ribisi Gangster Squad
2013 Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad
2013 Sean Penn Gangster Squad
2013 Anthony Mackie Gangster Squad
2013 Josh Brolin Gangster Squad
2013 Jon Polito Gangster Squad
2013 Nick Nolte Gangster Squad
2013 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Go for Sisters
2013 Hector Elizondo Go for Sisters
2013 Edward James Olmos Go for Sisters
2009 Barbara Barrie Frame of Mind
2007 Peter Stormare Anamorph
2007 Willem Dafoe Anamorph
2005 Dale Midkiff Back to You and Me
2005 Adam Baldwin Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped
2005 Peter MacNicol Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped
2004 Jena Malone Corn
2004 Monica Bellucci She Hate Me
2004 Ossie Davis She Hate Me
2004 Anthony Mackie She Hate Me
2004 John Turturro She Hate Me
2004 Woody Harrelson She Hate Me
2004 Lonette McKee She Hate Me
2004 Brian Dennehy She Hate Me
2004 Jim Brown She Hate Me
2004 Ellen Barkin She Hate Me
2001 Vondie Curtis-Hall ER: Never Say Never
2001 Julie Delpy ER: Never Say Never
1997 Freddie Prinze, Jr. Sparkler
1997 Veronica Cartwright Sparkler
1996 Peter Gallagher Last Dance
1996 Rob Morrow Last Dance
1996 Sharon Stone Last Dance
1996 Randy Quaid Last Dance
1995 Adam Baldwin Sawbones
1995 Naomi Watts Tank Girl
1995 Richard Schiff Tank Girl
1995 Malcolm McDowell Tank Girl
1995 Ice-T Tank Girl
1994 Michael Ironside The Glass Shield
1994 Bernie Casey The Glass Shield
1994 Elliott Gould The Glass Shield
1994 Ice Cube The Glass Shield
1994 Richard Anderson The Glass Shield
1994 M. Emmet Walsh The Glass Shield
1994 Kevin Tighe Men of War
1994 Perry Lang Men of War
1994 Catherine Bell Men of War
1993 Jeff Bridges American Heart
1993 Lucinda Jenney American Heart
1993 Mare Winningham Better off Dead
1993 Kevin Tighe Better off Dead
1991 Danny Aiello Hudson Hawk
1991 James Coburn Hudson Hawk
1991 David Caruso Hudson Hawk
1991 Andie MacDowell Hudson Hawk
1991 Richard E. Grant Hudson Hawk
1991 Sandra Bernhard Hudson Hawk
1991 William Conrad Hudson Hawk
1991 Bruce Willis Hudson Hawk
1991 Bob Gunton Mission of the Shark
1991 David Caruso Mission of the Shark
1991 Carrie Snodgress Mission of the Shark
1991 Richard Thomas Mission of the Shark
1991 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Mission of the Shark
1991 Alexandra Paul Prey of the Chameleon
1990 Jeanne Bates Die Hard 2
1990 William Atherton Die Hard 2
1990 John Amos Die Hard 2
1990 Bruce Willis Die Hard 2
1990 Fred Dalton Thompson Die Hard 2
1990 Bonnie Bedelia Die Hard 2
1990 Colm Meaney Die Hard 2
1990 John Leguizamo Die Hard 2
1990 Dennis Franz Die Hard 2
1990 Vondie Curtis-Hall Die Hard 2
1990 Robert Costanzo Die Hard 2
1990 Franco Nero Die Hard 2
1989 Dick Cavett After School
1989 Robert Lansing After School
1989 John Leguizamo Casualties of War
1989 Woody Harrelson Casualties of War
1989 Michael J. Fox Casualties of War
1989 John C. Reilly Casualties of War
1989 Sean Penn Casualties of War
1989 Ving Rhames Casualties of War
1989 Brian De Palma Casualties of War
1988 George Dzundza The Beast
1988 Stephen Baldwin The Beast
1988 Jason Patric The Beast
1988 Charlie Sheen Eight Men Out
1988 Nancy Travis Eight Men Out
1988 D.B. Sweeney Eight Men Out
1988 David Strathairn Eight Men Out
1988 Kevin Tighe Eight Men Out
1988 Michael Rooker Eight Men Out
1988 John Sayles Eight Men Out
1988 Michael Lerner Eight Men Out
1988 Clifton James Eight Men Out
1988 Brad Garrett Eight Men Out
1988 Christopher Lloyd Eight Men Out
1988 Perry Lang Eight Men Out
1988 John Cusack Eight Men Out
1988 John Mahoney Eight Men Out
1987 Tom Savini Creepshow 2
1987 Lois Chiles Creepshow 2
1987 George Kennedy Creepshow 2
1987 Dorothy Lamour Creepshow 2
1987 Clifton James The Untouchables
1987 Kevin Costner The Untouchables
1987 Charles Martin Smith The Untouchables
1987 Mali Finn The Untouchables
1987 Robert De Niro The Untouchables
1987 Lynn Stalmaster The Untouchables
1987 Andy Garcia The Untouchables
1987 Sean Connery The Untouchables
1987 Patricia Clarkson The Untouchables
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