Don Giovanni

By margottyoung
Written June 28, 2012
This was a good experience of a fine production of a GREAT opera. We were very disappointed and surprised that the audience was so small. On balance, good, BUT: One attendee crunched popcorn - loudly - during the first act. VERY distracting and very selfish on his part.
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lost sound during 2nd half

By purpleintrepid
Written June 28, 2012
money was refunded. would still like to see if shown again
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Don Giovanni

By firecloth
Written July 30, 2015
So excellent I can hardly believe it. The film had the wonderful orchestration and voices that one hears at the Met in New York. The additional element of close focus on the faces, their expressions is so moving. I felt I was on stage, right in the middle of the action, just as good or even better than seeing the opera in the Met theater.
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By sprobeck
Written July 23, 2016
Amazing! I loved Don Giovanni. Can't wait for the next one.
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The supreme Don Giovanni

By richardnachman
Written June 28, 2012
As good as it gets. Singers were outstanding. Acting superb. Orchestra marvelous. I think Mozart would heartily approve the interpretation. Never strained . Never boring. Great subtle humor. A most enlightening and inspired performance.
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