Donald Reed
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1901

Worked With

Year Name Title
1938 Kane Richmond Juvenile Court
1938 Bob Perry Juvenile Court
1938 Edward J. Le Saint Juvenile Court
1938 Paul Kelly Juvenile Court
1938 John Tyrrell Juvenile Court
1938 Lee Shumway Juvenile Court
1938 Ethan Laidlaw Juvenile Court
1938 Frankie Darro Juvenile Court
1938 Dick Curtis Juvenile Court
1938 Stanley Andrews Juvenile Court
1938 Rita Hayworth Juvenile Court
1938 Chuck Hamilton Juvenile Court
1938 Vernon Dent Juvenile Court
1937 Edward Peil Sr. Crusade Against Rackets
1937 Riley Hill The Firefly
1937 Allan Jones The Firefly
1937 Belle Mitchell The Firefly
1937 Russell Powell The Firefly
1937 Jeanette MacDonald The Firefly
1937 Henry Daniell The Firefly
1937 Alan Curtis The Firefly
1937 Ralph Byrd The Firefly
1937 Colin Kenny The Firefly
1937 Douglas Dumbrille The Firefly
1937 Billy Gilbert The Firefly
1937 Pat Somerset The Firefly
1937 Dennis O'Keefe The Firefly
1937 Stanley Price The Firefly
1937 Frank Yaconelli The Firefly
1937 Warren William The Firefly
1937 Ian Wolfe The Firefly
1937 Harry Semels The Firefly
1937 Robert Z. Leonard The Firefly
1937 George Zucco The Firefly
1937 Rolfe Sedan The Firefly
1937 Hal Taliaferro Law and Lead
1937 Lew Meehan Law and Lead
1937 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Renfrew of the Royal Mounted
1937 Dwight Frye Renfrew of the Royal Mounted
1937 Edward Peil Sr. Slaves in Bondage
1937 David MacDonald Special Agent K-7
1937 Harry "Snub" Pollard Special Agent K-7
1937 Duncan Renaldo Special Agent K-7
1936 Harrison Greene Batmen of Africa
1936 Edward McWade Batmen of Africa
1936 Ray "Crash" Corrigan Batmen of Africa
1936 Florence Turner One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Erik Rhodes One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Ferdinand Munier One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Ida Lupino One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Roland Young One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Hugh Herbert One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Donald Meek One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Billy Gilbert One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Mischa Auer One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Jack Mulhall One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Francis Lederer One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Eily Malyon One Rainy Afternoon
1935 Edward Everett Horton The Devil Is a Woman
1935 Marlene Dietrich The Devil Is a Woman
1935 Lionel Atwill The Devil Is a Woman
1935 Henry Roquemore The Devil Is a Woman
1935 Charles Sellon The Devil Is a Woman
1935 Alison Skipworth The Devil Is a Woman
1935 Cesar Romero The Devil Is a Woman
1934 William Farnum Happy Landing
1934 Noah Beery, Jr. Happy Landing
1934 Dick Winslow Uncertain Lady
1934 Genevieve Tobin Uncertain Lady
1934 Edward Everett Horton Uncertain Lady
1933 John Wayne The Man from Monterey
1933 Mae Busch The Racing Strain
1933 John Farrell MacDonald The Racing Strain
1933 Lorin Raker The Racing Strain
1933 Paul Fix The Racing Strain
1933 Dickie Moore The Racing Strain
1933 Kit Guard The Racing Strain
1933 Henry B. Walthall Wolf Dog
1933 Frankie Darro Wolf Dog
1931 Thelma Todd Aloha
1931 Al St. John Aloha
1931 Alan Hale Aloha
1931 Ben Lyon Aloha
1931 Dickie Moore Aloha
1930 Gary Cooper The Texan
1930 Emma Dunn The Texan
1930 Fay Wray The Texan
1929 Dolores Del Rio Evangeline
1929 Lee Shumway Evangeline
1929 Sally O'Neil Hardboiled
1929 Lilyan Tashman Hardboiled
1929 Walter Pidgeon A Most Immoral Lady
1929 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. A Most Immoral Lady
1929 Leatrice Joy A Most Immoral Lady
1929 Montagu Love A Most Immoral Lady
1928 Sally O'Neil Mad Hour
1928 Tully Marshall Mad Hour
1928 Lowell Sherman Mad Hour
1928 Alice White Mad Hour
1928 Billie Dove The Night Watch
1928 Paul Lukas The Night Watch
1928 James Finlayson Show Girl
1928 Alice White Show Girl
1927 Dorothy Mackaill Convoy
1927 Lowell Sherman Convoy
1927 Loretta Young Naughty But Nice
1927 Colleen Moore Naughty But Nice
1926 Eleanor Boardman Auction Block
1926 Charles Ray Auction Block
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