Donald May
Date of Birth
Feb 22, 1928
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
1987 Sonny Bono Dirty Laundry
1985 Caroline Aaron O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Louis Nye O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Jon Cryer O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Paul Dooley O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Jane Curtin O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Cynthia Nixon O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Martin Mull O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Dennis Hopper O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Melvin Van Peebles O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Ray Walston O.C. and Stiggs
1985 Nina Van Pallandt O.C. and Stiggs
1980 Drew Barrymore Bogie
1980 Alfred Ryder Bogie
1980 Ann Wedgeworth Bogie
1980 Richard Dysart Bogie
1980 Kathryn Harrold Bogie
1980 Patricia Barry Bogie
1979 Jane Greer Quincy, M.E.: The Depth of Beauty
1967 Ned Romero The F.B.I.: The Extortionist
1967 R.G. Armstrong The F.B.I.: The Extortionist
1966 Earl Holliman The F.B.I.: Special Delivery
1966 Steve Franken Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Parley Baer Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Richard Bakalyan Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Lillian Gish Follow Me, Boys!
1966 William Reynolds Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Ken Murray Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Fred MacMurray Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Vera Miles Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Kurt Russell Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Charlie Ruggles Follow Me, Boys!
1966 Brian Keith Tenderfoot
1966 Richard Long Tenderfoot
1966 Brandon de Wilde Tenderfoot
1966 James Whitmore Tenderfoot
1964 Arlene Dahl Kisses for My President
1964 Polly Bergen Kisses for My President
1964 Bill Walker Kisses for My President
1964 Fred MacMurray Kisses for My President
1964 Eli Wallach Kisses for My President
1964 Edward Andrews Kisses for My President
1964 Sabu A Tiger Walks
1964 Robert Shayne A Tiger Walks
1964 Vera Miles A Tiger Walks
1964 Frank McHugh A Tiger Walks
1964 Una Merkel A Tiger Walks
1964 Edward Andrews A Tiger Walks
1964 Brian Keith A Tiger Walks
1964 Arthur Hunnicutt A Tiger Walks
1964 Doodles Weaver A Tiger Walks
1964 Kevin Corcoran A Tiger Walks
1964 Jack Albertson A Tiger Walks
1960 Patsy Kelly The Crowded Sky
1960 Dana Andrews The Crowded Sky
1960 John Kerr The Crowded Sky
1960 Rhonda Fleming The Crowded Sky
1960 Anne Francis The Crowded Sky
1960 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. The Crowded Sky
1960 Keenan Wynn The Crowded Sky
1960 Troy Donahue The Crowded Sky
1960 Dorothy Provine The Roaring 20's [TV Series]
1960 John Dehner The Roaring 20's [TV Series]
1956 Harold J. Stone The Wrong Man
1956 Anthony Quayle The Wrong Man
1956 Nehemiah Persoff The Wrong Man
1956 Vera Miles The Wrong Man
1956 Tuesday Weld The Wrong Man
1956 Werner Klemperer The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Fonda The Wrong Man
1956 Henry Beckman The Wrong Man
1956 Charles Aidman The Wrong Man
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