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Amazing Movie !!!!!!

By namita2184
Written May 26, 2015
Really Good Movie...
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SRK Don its so much Donism its great

By Sunny-G
Written December 28, 2014
Hi, Watching Don was fun and those one witty lines were so sick from Shah Rukh Khan (aka Don) really enjoyed and everyone can watch it including kids its really great thriller movie from Indian cinema. i have did consider my all friends and family to watch the movie and even lot of american's have liked the movie as well. so great film once again. Patrick
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By keeki
Written December 24, 2011
action packed - but i missed the original soundtrack & appealing women. New soundtrack just didn't cut it.... !
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Don't Watch it

By yambam
Written December 25, 2011
This movie epitomizes "bad indian movie." If you want to watch this movie, you should keep in mind that there is really no story, its literally just a series of action shots until the end. If you did not watch the last movie (Don 1) there is no point in even going to see this, you will understand very little. There is no love story, and the only trace of anything romantic was near the last 10 minutes of the movie. Overall very disappointed, and honestly just confused.
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Awesome !!!!

By bharmarsameer
Written December 25, 2011
Must go guys :D
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