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Don 2 Synopsis
Having conquered the Asian underworld, crime kingpin Don (Shah Rukh Khan) sets his sights on Europe.
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Don2 Review

By pbh12345
I liked the movie. It was an action packed thriller with very good special effects. Though I felt the film is sometimes a little slow - it is a definite Christmas watch!...

Great bank robbery caper

By ljpino
Smart bank robbery caper. First part slow, but it all came together in part two. SRK at his best being mean, amoral, playful and out thinking everyone in the room. But making Don human – that’s...


By parulala
I don't see DON 2 as good as Remake of DON.I ll be happy if all the producers & directors stop Remaking all great films...I hope AGNEEPATH won't be as bad as DON 2...

Acceptable sequel to Don 1

By suirauqa
Don 2 picks up nicely from where Don 1 left off. The action sequences and CGI effects are really very good, and I loved that fact that there was only one of the mandatory song-and-dance routines in...

Don 2 doesn't disappoint

By ivarnahs
Although the treatment is not as subtle and the finesse is missing, Don 2 doesn't disappoint overall - especially SRK has come out winning without breaking any paths. Don 1 had the advantage of...

The King is Back

By PeruvianJew
I was lucky enough to see this film on opening day and all I can say is WOW. It's sleek, fast paced and looks amazing. There are a few slower parts but overall it's a super fun film, perfect for the...

Convoluted plot, stupid over-acting - and never press the trigger when gun is pointed at Don!

By good_dood
There are three words to describe the movie - Stupid Stupid Stupid! If even one villain had the sense to pull the trigger when pointed at the "Don", this movie would have been a much better watch....

Don 2

By jauhara108
Outstanding. Indian megastar Shah Rukh Khan is mesmerizing as master criminal Don. He is mean, lean, sexy, funny, and totally charismatic as he outwits police and villiains alike with the greatest...

I recommend you watch Don 2

By insurancegal
A great movie, if you liked the first one you will love this one. A great story line that keeps you intrigued until the very end. Hopefully there will be a third. Brilliant Actors and writing,...

Amazing Movie !!!!!!

By namita2184
Really Good Movie......

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