Sleek movie, good change for Hindi movie lovers

By psurelia
Written September 01, 2015
It's a good, sleek and smart movie. Apart from a couple of typical Hindi movie elements, it's way above average Hindi movies. I have always liked Fanhan Akhtan both as an actor and as a director. Now he proved that he can make good action movie even with Shah Rukh Khan in a role for which it is hard to imagine anyone other than Akshay Kumar. Must watch this!!!
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Why 2.5/5:

By sandeepish
Written September 01, 2015
The good: SRK, his action sequences mainly and his witty one-liners. Don’s maneuvers making you expect a twist always (esp with foe turned friend Vardhaan), the action in general and the climax. The bad: Slow screenplay, stolen Hollywood ideas, not enough breadth or depth of characterizations for Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani and Om Chopra, unwanted 3D picturization with no real special effects. My detailed review at sunnysaidso DOT wordpress DOT com
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Awesome Thrill in 3D...

By bhumu1923
Written February 07, 2016
I found this movie awesome awesome awesome.. I am very happy that I watched it. found little funny, more excited, suspense everything. Acting and directing both awesome Hats off to everybody......:)
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No 3D effect

By atulagrawal
Written August 03, 2015
SRK is now trying to lure the audience by putting in the word 3D. Somebody please explain him that saying it gold wont make lead as gold. So please accept the fact that SRK can make women cry in his family drama roles, he should not try to be versatile. He looks a real idiot. Don2 was not that bad, but I hate that I spent extra bucks for 3D. The movie is OK, I like the climax of these don series. Priyanka chopra is sizzling HOT and Lara Dutta was not at all fit for the role. All in all its just a one time watch and please do not watch with any preconceived notions and any expectations.
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A Bit Fun To Watch But Nearly Impossible To Follow The Plot's Language.

By Alon Patterson
Written March 30, 2015
This is a choppy mess of a way too long and convoluted foreign (to the U.S.) import that frankly, should NOT be distributed as a 3D feature since the embellishment is barely noticed and definitely NOT worth a 3D ticket price. In fact, unless you speak the language (mostly native with some English) and understand the cultural context, either you won't be able to stop laughing or you'll likely leave somewhere near INTERMISSION. And yes, there is actually an intermission due to the length of the feature but even were it edited, it just doesn't translate, literally or figuratively. The English subtitles are very difficult to read in the selected font and point size, often blending entirely into the lighter backgrounds and becoming altogether illegible. The story goes from illogical to implausible to laughable to annoying...NOT my idea of an entertaining experience, the very reason for going to a movie. Skip this unless you identify with it on some level other than the mainstream.
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