Don 2 3D Synopsis
Having conquered the Asian underworld, crime kingpin Don (Shah Rukh Khan) sets his sights on Europe.

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The New York Times

If "Mission: Impossible" and "Ocean's Eleven" had a bombastic, funny and slick cousin, it might be Don 2.
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The Hollywood Reporter

Shah Rukh Khan's foray into bad-boy territory is all swagger with not much substance.
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By Ronnie Scheib
Though the picture is respectful of the heist-film template -- the gathering of the crew, the readying of props, the planned circumvention...
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Los Angeles Times

Fitfully enjoyable, the film's leaden pacing and drawn-out running time make the twists of the plot less hairpin turns and more like bends...
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Why 2.5/5:

By sandeepish
The good: SRK, his action sequences mainly and his witty one-liners. Don’s maneuvers making you expect a twist always (esp with foe turned friend Vardhaan), the action in general and the climax. The...

Sleek movie, good change for Hindi movie lovers

By psurelia
It's a good, sleek and smart movie. Apart from a couple of typical Hindi movie elements, it's way above average Hindi movies. I have always liked Fanhan Akhtan both as an actor and as a director. Now...

Awesome Thrill in 3D...

By bhumu1923
I found this movie awesome awesome awesome.. I am very happy that I watched it. found little funny, more excited, suspense everything. Acting and directing both awesome Hats off to...

A Bit Fun To Watch But Nearly Impossible To Follow The Plot's Language.

By Alon Patterson
This is a choppy mess of a way too long and convoluted foreign (to the U.S.) import that frankly, should NOT be distributed as a 3D feature since the embellishment is barely noticed and definitely NOT...

No 3D effect

By atulagrawal
SRK is now trying to lure the audience by putting in the word 3D. Somebody please explain him that saying it gold wont make lead as gold. So please accept the fact that SRK can make women cry in his...

Awesome movie

By umair786
Shahrukh is the king, Indian mission impossible, must watch...

Don 2 3D

By muju
It is worth for me go that movie because I love SRK and is very famous for India Actress. I really enjoy to watch movie lots action. It is my first time watching Indian movie with 3d with English...

Don 2

By goldzaruk
Awesome movie full of action and suspense and once again little clues left here and there for a completely unexpected ending!!! :)...


By FlashScreen
Good movie considering the origin.....but not great!...

Good one-liners, could have been better story telling.

By shah_rukh_khan
The intent seems like "delivering catchy one-liners" rather than "good story"....

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