Tony Scott gives me motion sickness.

By matt_fresh
Written October 08, 2008
I am watching this movie and enjoying the plot, casting, music, etc., but I think I am going to have to take a break, go to the doctor and get an immediate prescription for some vertigo medication from Tony Scott's direction of this film. The constant wanna-be Guy Ritchie slow-mo - fast-forward, vivd color, zoom in - zoom out, freeze-frame, constant music playing cinematography is so overdone it makes the artistic value of it fade away after 10 minutes of watching the movie. For me, it becomes so annoying that I actually cannot enjoy the fast-paced, action packed story line the movie contains that would be a million times better without the overdone effects. There has to be a limit to this kind of cinematographic effects, unless the movie is being displayed on a 100 foot screen at a rave, or most people like me are going to have a migraine halfway though the film. In my opinion, just like Deja Vu and Man on Fire: cool story, great actors, bad headache.
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