Love it!!

By SmokinAces_NYC
Written June 13, 2014
Jude Law is powerful as Dom Hemmingway. I'll admit to being nervous when deciding to watch this film (being an indie film and all, they can be hit or miss depending on the writing and the acting involved) but Jude blows that role out of the box. The supporting cast of Richard Grant (fans of Doctor Who will know who he is) & Demian Bichir (from FX's The Bridge) do their due diligence here with what they have to work with but this movie was all Jude Law. I just wished Emilia Clarke had a bigger role (meaning more speaking parts) in the movie as it felt like just Dom & Dickie and that's all. That griping aside this was an overall good movie and Jude should look to do these kinds of roles more!
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Witty but, forgettable

By edandbellaherrera
Written April 15, 2014
Had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the film. This movie stars Jude Law, a narcissistic, self-indulgent criminal who is out of jail and luck. He struggles to repair his relationship with his daughter and leave his past behind. Jude Law performs the role naturally. There are quite a few laughs but, ultimately the simple plot can only be stretched so far (2 hours).
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By GinEfer
Written April 29, 2014
Great British humor. Had love, sadness, action, and humor. Really good movie!
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By martincookeusa
Written April 13, 2014
No strong opinions but I found it to be totally pointless, badly written, appallingly acted and wish I'd left when I first thought I should in the first five minutes
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Refreshing to see a movie as fine-tuned as this

By aletaqueen
Written April 27, 2014
Dom Hemingway grabbed me from the opening scene to the end. The very first scene shows Jude Laws incredible acting ability. He starts out with a soliloquy that truly displays the depth of his abilities. His starring role is well supported by Richard Grant (aka Dickie Black) as an excellent counterbalance to the overwhelming character of Dom. In fact, their two roles are so well done that all the other characters are just bit players. The movie moves along at a good pace and is so captivating that I was surprised when it ended. The dialogue was outstanding and the writers should definitely receive an award for their work. Every scene was over the top. This is definitely a must-see film.
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