Walked out after 33 minutes

By dcortese127
Written April 19, 2014
I never walked out of a movie until today. This is absolute garbage.
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Great acting

By mfstaudt
Written May 07, 2014
It had a lot of profanity and violence. A satirical portrait of a British safecracker.
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A little over the top

By jalford999
Written April 23, 2014
Too much bad language and I left the movie 2/3's the way thru. I usually like 90% of the movies I see which are about 85 to 90 of all of them.
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Bow Wow

By vstop
Written May 06, 2014
Bow to the double Wow Bad, the only dialogue from the supporting characters is to set up a rant by Jude Law. The first six or seven times was interesting. About 30 minutes into the movie on the 10th or 12th rant, it was old. The rants were not enough to carry the movie. For a Cerebral Movie, go see "Draft Day" or "Locke". Both are way better than this Bow Wow, Yuk movie.
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Love it!!

By SmokinAces_NYC
Written June 13, 2014
Jude Law is powerful as Dom Hemmingway. I'll admit to being nervous when deciding to watch this film (being an indie film and all, they can be hit or miss depending on the writing and the acting involved) but Jude blows that role out of the box. The supporting cast of Richard Grant (fans of Doctor Who will know who he is) & Demian Bichir (from FX's The Bridge) do their due diligence here with what they have to work with but this movie was all Jude Law. I just wished Emilia Clarke had a bigger role (meaning more speaking parts) in the movie as it felt like just Dom & Dickie and that's all. That griping aside this was an overall good movie and Jude should look to do these kinds of roles more!
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