Dom Hemmingway

By danguide
Written April 13, 2014
Poorly written garbage.
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Jude Law at his very best!

By DJ_u4ic
Written May 03, 2014
Very funny crime caper with some very adult language. This one is definitely not for kids or prudes. Fowl language and lots of it. Some violence too, but mostly laughs. Great movie.
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Good times

By msarthur
Written April 29, 2014
Funny movie with some nice points about the life choices we make and how they impact the ones closest to us. If you enjoyed the movie Snatch this will be a fun watch. Great acting also.
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A Tour De Force!

By gnhsurf
Written April 26, 2014
DOM HEMINGWAY is a wonderful movie, and Jude Law is magnificent in the role. He owns every moment of every scene. The dialogue is often flowery and too literary, but in Mr. Law's mouth it all works beautifully. My wife and I were riveted throughout and didn't want the movie to end. Great supporting cast as well, especially Richard E. Grant. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes truly interesting characters in a movie that isn't formulaic in any way.
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Great acting

By mfstaudt
Written May 07, 2014
It had a lot of profanity and violence. A satirical portrait of a British safecracker.
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