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Inspiring Tear Jerker

By ncheryl31
Written September 22, 2014
i definittely enjoyed this flick. The team of actors worked great together. I especially enjoyed seeing the young kids taking flight in their acting careers. Well done. The real life clips from the original filming of the real life dolphin and people at the end of the movie was a nice treat. This film is for people of all ages.
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Dolphin Tale - Great Movie

By felicity2b
Written September 25, 2011
Feelgood movie great for any age. No bad language, sexual overtures or anything. Just a very good movie!
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Such a true story

By natalieolson14
Written June 28, 2016
This is such a good movie to see with your family!!!!!
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Dolphin Tale

By dnlpinto28
Written January 31, 2015
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By lilyanna26
Written September 30, 2013
If you like the ocean you will love this movie. A great film for family movie night or just to chill and relax! This is so inspirational and sends a inspiring message with people who have had amputations and have special Things they have to use to get them to where they want to be! Go grab your tissue box, popcorn and Pepsi and enjoy with family and friends!
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