Living fully

By nestorsch1
Written April 30, 2017
My daughter is so excited she wants to travel to Clearwater to meet Winter, the tale-less dolphin. Very nice analogy to VA and other handicap, real life matters and how even in the worst of circumstances we can recover, reinvent ourselves and move forward living fully.
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Dolphin Tale

By Sammy3165
Written September 24, 2011
The critics who dissed this movie just don't get it. I feel really sorry for anyone who saw this heartwarming film and wasn't touched by the humanity and goodness that shines through. This is one of the best family movies to come along in years and when you think about all the crap that gets into our theaters, you'll realize that your kids or grandkids really need more stories like this. It's based on a real story folks and real people, not some computer-generated piece of science fiction that is nothing but someone's imagination run wild. Go see this great movie and feel good about Winter and the people who struggled to save her.
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Dolphin Tale is a must see movie for the whole family!

By letsseenow
Written September 24, 2011
This movie is a true story and will restore your faith in mankind. If you're faint of heart with movies like this, don't worry. The scenes where the dolphin is injured are not too graphic, and it's a feel good movie. A movie well done!
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very beautiful storyline

By buzzi23
Written September 24, 2011
A must see with the entire family! A very touching story that will make you want to drive to Clearwater to see Winter.
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Amazing Movie

By Marieskisses
Written September 24, 2011
This movie was amazing. At the end of the movie the entire theater was cheering and applauding. Must see movie for all ages. Makes me want to pile the kids in the car and drive to Clearwater.
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