Awesome heart-wrenching enjoyment!

By djprengel
Written November 10, 2014
This movie had an extreme reality element in it to show the true concept of Rescue Rehabilitate and Release. It is also great to see that the animals are more than just an attraction to many people. Their welfare and future is shown to be a great concern for many.
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Great movie!

By Jonas Brothers 918
Written October 19, 2014
Great for kids and adults. It is a fantastic realistic movie. A true story about dolphins.
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Worth it.

By cozyfawn
Written October 06, 2014
I enjoyed this movie Dolphin Tale 2, and I would go and see it several more times. I think it's a great movie for all ages. I plan on buying it when it comes out on DVD. I'd give it 5 stars, the cinematography, acting, directing and writing was well done.
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Good movie

By lackmc27
Written October 06, 2014
My boys loved the movie. They are 6 and 9. The movie did a great job of showing how it's not always easy to care for wild animals and then set them free once they are well. We would have liked to have seen a bit more interaction between Hope and Winter but overall great lessons learned and the movie held our interest the entire time.
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As good as the first one

By tiffanienewcomer
Written October 06, 2014
Dolphin Tale 2 did not disappoint! I was a bit worried because we enjoyed the first one so much. Most times sequels don't live up to the original, but this one sure did! A great family movie. I can see owning this movie in our future!
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