Beautiful movie just came short

By rodimus1017
Written March 10, 2008
This movie is amazing to see on imax 3d beautiful pictures and the shots are amazing, my only two complaints are one the movie seemed very short. Now when I pay a obscene amount of money to see a movie on imax i want it to be at least an hour this felt like 25 mins but it was 45 mins. The only other complaint I had was how depressed I felt when i left this movie as i said go see the beauty of this film but be warned it is short and it is depressing.
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Whales and Dolphins

By waverun1
Written July 09, 2008
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my girl and I loved it!

By redyeah
Written June 09, 2011
We went to this because Imax makes everything look amazing, especially 3D films. This continued the success for us.
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My review

By t_rammage
Written June 14, 2008
My family and I really enjoyed it... very educational!
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