Dolores Del Rio
Date of Birth
Aug 03, 1905
Birth Place:
Durango, Mexico

Worked With

Year Name Title
1999 Anthony Quinn Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Edward James Olmos Hispanic Hollywood
1999 José Ferrer Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Salma Hayek Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Penélope Cruz Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Jennifer Lopez Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Jimmy Smits Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Carmen Miranda Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Rita Hayworth Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Antonio Banderas Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Cesar Romero Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Rita Moreno Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Ricardo Montalban Hispanic Hollywood
1978 Katy Jurado The Children of Sanchez
1978 Anthony Quinn The Children of Sanchez
1967 Omar Sharif C'era una Volta
1967 Sophia Loren C'era una Volta
1966 Ben Welden Branded: The Ghost of Murietta
1964 George O'Brien Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Ted Mapes Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Karl Malden Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Ben Johnson Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Ricardo Montalban Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Sal Mineo Cheyenne Autumn
1964 John Carradine Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Ken Curtis Cheyenne Autumn
1964 James Flavin Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Mike Mazurki Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Carroll Baker Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Harry Carey, Jr. Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Sam Harris Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Arthur Kennedy Cheyenne Autumn
1964 James Stewart Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Gilbert Roland Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Richard Widmark Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Ralph Truman Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Anna Magnani Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Chuck Roberson Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Edward G. Robinson Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Victor Jory Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Denver Pyle Cheyenne Autumn
1964 John Qualen Cheyenne Autumn
1964 Walter Reed Cheyenne Autumn
1960 Karl Swenson Flaming Star
1960 L.Q. Jones Flaming Star
1960 Elvis Presley Flaming Star
1960 Richard Jaeckel Flaming Star
1960 Virginia Christine Flaming Star
1960 John McIntire Flaming Star
1960 Perry Lopez Flaming Star
1959 Maria Felix La Cucaracha
1959 Pedro Armendáriz La Cucaracha
1959 Emilio Fernández La Cucaracha
1959 Pedro Armendáriz The Soldiers of Pancho Villa
1959 Emilio Fernández The Soldiers of Pancho Villa
1959 Maria Felix The Soldiers of Pancho Villa
1953 Maria Felix Reportaje
1953 Pedro Armendáriz Reportaje
1949 Pedro Armendáriz La Malquerida
1948 Henry Fonda The Fugitive
1948 Mel Ferrer The Fugitive
1948 J. Carrol Naish The Fugitive
1948 John Qualen The Fugitive
1948 Leo Carrillo The Fugitive
1948 Robert Armstrong The Fugitive
1948 Pedro Armendáriz The Fugitive
1948 Ward Bond The Fugitive
1948 Fortunio Bonanova The Fugitive
1945 Pedro Armendáriz Las Abandonadas
1944 Pedro Armendáriz Maria Candelaria
1943 Emilio Fernández Flor Silvestre
1943 Alfonso Bedoya Flor Silvestre
1943 Pedro Armendáriz Flor Silvestre
1942 Hans Conried Journey into Fear
1942 Stefan Schnabel Journey into Fear
1942 Agnes Moorehead Journey into Fear
1942 Joseph Cotten Journey into Fear
1942 Everett Sloane Journey into Fear
1942 Richard Bennett Journey into Fear
1942 Ruth Warrick Journey into Fear
1942 Orson Welles Journey into Fear
1942 Bill Roberts Journey into Fear
1940 Wallace Beery The Man from Dakota
1940 Buddy Roosevelt The Man from Dakota
1940 Donald Meek The Man from Dakota
1940 Frank S. Hagney The Man from Dakota
1938 Harold Huber International Settlement
1938 Forbes Murray International Settlement
1938 Creighton Hale International Settlement
1938 Keye Luke International Settlement
1938 June Lang International Settlement
1938 James C. Morton International Settlement
1938 Edwin Stanley International Settlement
1938 George Sanders International Settlement
1938 John Carradine International Settlement
1938 Walter Miller International Settlement
1938 Leon Ames International Settlement
1937 John Carradine Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 Virginia Field Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 Douglas Dumbrille Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 Eddie Cantor Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 Roland Young Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 June Lang Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 Stanley Fields Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937 Buddy Roosevelt Devil's Playground
1937 Ward Bond Devil's Playground
1937 Ann Doran Devil's Playground
1937 Richard Dix Devil's Playground
1937 Gene Morgan Devil's Playground
1937 Chester Morris Devil's Playground
1937 Stanley Andrews Devil's Playground
1937 Fredrik Vogeding Lancer Spy
1937 George Sanders Lancer Spy
1937 Peter Lorre Lancer Spy
1937 Virginia Field Lancer Spy
1937 Sig Rumann Lancer Spy
1937 Joseph Schildkraut Lancer Spy
1937 Greta Meyer Lancer Spy
1937 Luther Adler Lancer Spy
1937 Sam Harris Lancer Spy
1937 Boyd Irwin Lancer Spy
1937 Fritz Feld Lancer Spy
1937 David Thursby Lancer Spy
1937 Lionel Atwill Lancer Spy
1937 Lynn Bari Lancer Spy
1936 Basil Sydney Accused
1936 Roland Culver Accused
1936 Moore Marriott Accused
1936 Googie Withers Accused
1936 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Accused
1936 Warren William The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Alphonse Martell The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Boyd Irwin The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Herbert Mundin The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Eily Malyon The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 E.E. Clive The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Colin Clive The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Billy Bevan The Widow from Monte Carlo
1936 Louise Fazenda The Widow from Monte Carlo
1935 Berton Churchill I Live for Love
1935 Bess Flowers I Live for Love
1935 Betty Farrington I Live for Love
1935 William "Wild Bill" Elliott I Live for Love
1935 E.G. Marshall I Live for Love
1935 Guy Kibbee I Live for Love
1935 Allen Jenkins I Live for Love
1935 Winifred Shaw In Caliente
1935 Edward Everett Horton In Caliente
1935 Herman Bing In Caliente
1935 Judy Canova In Caliente
1935 Leo Carrillo In Caliente
1935 Pat O'Brien In Caliente
1935 Glenda Farrell In Caliente
1934 Reginald Owen Madame Du Barry
1934 Victor Jory Madame Du Barry
1934 Arthur Treacher Madame Du Barry
1934 Veree Teasdale Madame Du Barry
1934 Henry O'Neill Madame Du Barry
1934 Anita Louise Madame Du Barry
1934 Ruth Donnelly Wonder Bar
1934 Alphonse Martell Wonder Bar
1934 Henry O'Neill Wonder Bar
1934 Al Jolson Wonder Bar
1934 George Irving Wonder Bar
1934 Grace Hayle Wonder Bar
1934 Guy Kibbee Wonder Bar
1934 Henry Kolker Wonder Bar
1934 Kay Francis Wonder Bar
1934 Hugh Herbert Wonder Bar
1934 William Stack Wonder Bar
1934 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Wonder Bar
1934 Dennis O'Keefe Wonder Bar
1934 Dick Powell Wonder Bar
1934 Fifi D'Orsay Wonder Bar
1934 Ricardo Cortez Wonder Bar
1934 Louise Fazenda Wonder Bar
1934 Rolfe Sedan Wonder Bar
1934 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Wonder Bar
1934 Jane Darwell Wonder Bar
1933 Gene Raymond Flying Down to Rio
1933 Harry Semels Flying Down to Rio
1933 Ginger Rogers Flying Down to Rio
1933 Walter Walker Flying Down to Rio
1933 Fred Astaire Flying Down to Rio
1933 Franklin Pangborn Flying Down to Rio
1933 Armand Kaliz Flying Down to Rio
1933 Clarence Muse Flying Down to Rio
1933 Eric Blore Flying Down to Rio
1933 Betty Furness Flying Down to Rio
1932 Joel McCrea Bird of Paradise
1932 John Halliday Bird of Paradise
1932 Creighton Hale Bird of Paradise
1932 Lon Chaney, Jr. Bird of Paradise
1932 Leo Carrillo Girl of the Rio
1932 Stanley Fields Girl of the Rio
1930 Tom Dugan The Bad One
1930 John St. Polis The Bad One
1930 Edmund Lowe The Bad One
1930 Boris Karloff The Bad One
1930 Henry Kolker The Bad One
1929 Lee Shumway Evangeline
1928 Walter Pidgeon The Gateway of the Moon
1928 Warner Baxter Ramona
1928 Dorothy Revier The Red Dance
1928 Charles Farrell The Red Dance
1928 Harry Carey The Trail of '98
1928 Karl Dane The Trail of '98
1928 Tully Marshall The Trail of '98
1927 Fred Kohler Loves of Carmen
1927 Victor McLaglen Loves of Carmen
1926 Mary Astor High Steppers
1926 Victor McLaglen What Price Glory?
1926 Edmund Lowe What Price Glory?
1926 Phyllis Haver What Price Glory?
1925 Dorothy Mackaill Joanna
1925 Jack Mulhall Joanna
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