By Ruby_Redz
Written October 21, 2008
I really liked movie, that kinda of reminded me of the Prophecy with a touch of humor. Although their journey to the church was a bit drawn out, Ben and Matt were entertaining and comical, as the fallen Angels desperately trying to get back in the Good Graces of God, or so you think.
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Dogma was a Dog!

By Seattle_Slew
Written May 21, 2011
To each his own of course. Everyone has an opinion and various likes and dislikes and I won't argue the right of others to find this the ultimate entertainment experience. The reason hence that one man's junk is another's treasure.??But to call this movie "Ambitious"? "Funny"? "Aggressively Intelligent"? Sorry, but unlike those enlightened souls who found this a ten-star hit, I guess I just didn't "get it." In my opinion, this film has to be among the worse movies I've *ever* seen! Right up there with "Natural Born Killers." Maybe you have to be a Catholic or at least a Kevin Smith fan, maybe there are a lot more deep thinkers out there than myself, but I doubt that. Maybe it satisfies people's thirst to a free and easy lifestyle without the chains of organized religion to keep 'em down, but I personally found Dogma a complete waste of my time and money! To my way of thinking, this project is proof positive that not even a great cast can redeem a stinker.
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Dogma - Reel Quick!

By wtlasley
Written April 29, 2016
Both a religious satire and a modern parable, 'Dogma' is as hilarious as it is insightful, and it's the kind of film that every mature Christian should see and study. It's a subversive and strangely uplifting piece of cinema.
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