Doctor Who on Big Screen = EPIC

By msolomon84
Written April 04, 2016
It was amazing to see the Tenth Doctor on the big screen again. I think Fathom needs to do a lot more of these. It was great to be in a room full of nerds all there for the same thing :)
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Big screen, big sound, big stomp

By arymetore
Written June 17, 2014
Was definitely great to see the episodes on the big screen. The sound in the theatre really lent itself well to the crushing stomp of the Cybermen. Now while the episode itself was great, the lead up to it was a bit annoying for a Fathom event. For instance, it started 30 minutes after it supposedly was to start and the Fathom commercials prior were pretty lame. I did enjoy the trivia set up prior to the show (they picked some really good questions), but when they jumped back in right before the show for yet more lame commercials that had already been seen at least twice... they could have least given us more trivia up until the start of the show.
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Great marketing - not great shows. Older Dr Who in 2D and over 2 nights!!

By adriancw
Written June 17, 2014
My kids and I are big Doctor Who fans, and were disappointed. This was represented as a "3D" event of David Tennant as the Doctor and narrating another BBC show. But the Dr. Who episode was in 2D, and furthermore it spans 2 nights; Dr. Who on 1 nigt, and Wings on the second night - in 3D. The movie theaters themselve id not understand this event, or that the 3D event was only on Tuesday. For the cost I expected more. An older Dr. Who in 2D is something I just as easily watch at home on a large screen TV. Overall, this borders on a movie theater scam. I have no doubt that theaters will make a fair amount of money on concessions, espacially as it covers 2 nights, but I won't be bothering to go to the second event on the Tuesday. I probably won't go to n event like this again.
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Bait and switch

By proffesorchumley
Written June 18, 2014
I'd love to be reviewing the big screen showing of Dr. Who vs. the Cybermen but like many others as seen on the fathom forums I was only able to see Wings 3D (which while excellent and well worth the trip out really wasn't why I headed to the theater) so this isn't so much a review of the film but rather the 'event' itself. Listed on the Fandango site as "Dr. Who event day 1" even though it was a Tuesday showing naturally leads one to believe they would be seeing the good Dr. followed by the additional nature program, it was only after picking up the tickets at the theater that we were informed the Dr. Who portion was only shown on Monday. In short buyer beware, apparently even on what appear to be fairly clear cut events like a simple double feature one must make the extra effort to find and read the fine print. In this case neither Fathom, the theater nor Fandango appear to have felt this was important enough to make clear on the promo material.
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By cheryl3660854
Written June 17, 2014
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