By EyeAmTJ
Written August 01, 2015
movie was better than i expected regardless of the few people who still cry bout it being racist & over the top, movies pretty darn funny too. Movie didn't offend me at all
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By Beechgirl9
Written May 06, 2015
This is by far Tarantino's best film. MUST MUST MUST MUST GO SEE!!!!!!!!!!! Long but you wont even feel the time pass. Every character is so well played and was accurately cast. What a great film!!!!!
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Django Fiction

By Media Matters
Written September 02, 2015
"Djano" means a fun movie, gotta see it once. "Pulp Fiction," on the other hand, never gets old even though one can view it 100's of times. I noted a number of the audience who talked about the humor in "Django," which is funny and filled with great moments. However In nearly every scene of "Pulp Fiction" there was a take-away moment, a key line one could use later; funnier, too. I rate his movies in order (Directed and/or wrote) 1. Pulp 2. True Romance 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. From Dusk to Dawn 5. All the rest tie at No. 5 Understand, of course, that No. 5 on this list will be floors above most movies, so recognize this is a very high bar by the most creative of people.
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I Loved hating the !

By jmae2khill9
Written October 10, 2015
So WoW ! Though the movie was realistic and ficticious, it held my interest, cause I loved hating the massa's and the (hurters of n- - - -'s), and that it wasn't deluged with scenes of slaves being beaten. I can't think of any other movie where we (blacks) was at least afforded the feeling of total satisfaction in seeing the (unrealistic) scenes where Django did some absolutely unheard of retaliative head turning things to the whites. It was an (excusable reverse psychology type of hipe movie) that made us feel good with a ("NOW TAKE DAT/DAS WHATCHA GIT") attitude. Ha Ha Ha, we all know that never would have happened back then. QT knew what he was doing when he decided to the make a (FEEL GOOD MOVIE FOR BLACKS). hE CERTAINLY MADE SOME OF HIS FOLKS MAD AS HELL !!! JUBABY T.
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Save your money.

By Movie_Addict
Written December 26, 2012
Tarantino's 'success' delving into the realm of political-correctness with his 'Inglorious Bastards' has spawned yet another eye-roller that will take you but 20 minutes to see the writing on the wall in six-foot high letters: OH NO! ... I SHOULD HAVE SAVED MY MONEY!
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