Good Movie, but hard to watch!

By movieblu
Written October 24, 2016
There is some really excellent stuff in this film,(the acting, cinematography, soundtrack, etc.) but it was very difficult for me to watch. There is also a lot of violence and brutality that harkens to a very, very ugly time in American history that so many wish to sweep under the rug. Watching it made me quite uncomfortable during many scenes.
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Questioning Our Most Uncherished Values:2 COMPLEX 4 MOST MOVIE GOERS

By grimesgolden1
Written October 25, 2016
Evil flourishes when good people do nothing.QT reveals in his moviesTHE most American of values is violence.He cleverly asks us to participate as observers &we get the blood all over us. It is a suckers bet. By showing polarity of bad and worse,we always choose bad.Why?The protagonist(s)in his films represent violent &vile lifestyles,aka bad people. We are trained to make every shade of grey&black into good and bad. But wait, grey is not good, it is bad,but not worse than bad, but still bad. Like Inglorious Basterds, Django is thought provoking and re-educates, or more accurately educates, us on the ignominious presence of evil in not only of historical weirdnesses (National Socialists& Slavers)but also the capacity for acting righteously in each of us(bounty hunters are legal, nazi hunters are legal). As long as we are beating the worse demons, we are better than they are. It makes you wonder how far one goes,will go,or has gone w/out examining 1's values.Spins a good erudite tale!
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By nvirgil
Written December 26, 2012
this movie is extremely degrading. at no point will i ever find it amusing to watch black people being beaten, called *****s, or talking as if they've never set foot in a place of higher learning. Slavery was real and i didn't see the need to try and make humor or real life situations as he did. i would never buy this movie on blu-ray or dvd and i wouldnt show it to my kids!
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Great movie

By newpop1
Written April 27, 2017
Another great movie by Mr Q. You will not be disappointing by the action, humor, satire, etc etc. Don't read the reviews or spoilers, just run to the theater and watch it:)
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Django "Holy @%$&"

By mwilling07
Written May 28, 2016
Make no mistake about it this is a Quintan Teratino movie. If you have never seen a QT Movie (i.e. Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs...etc) prepare yourself. I do not suggest bringing any children under the age of 18y/o. Why would you though? It's a QT movie. Did I mention, THIS IS A QT MOVIE!!!
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