By talltales509
Written January 02, 2013
Quentin Tarantino has yet again brought us a well written, believable dialogue, and an all star cast in Django. As an old African American the use of the "N" word was just the way it was depicted in days where few people of color were truly free. The plot is very plausible and well worth a giant popcorn and a small drink to share with your sweetie while you sit of the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next! Go ses it and wonder no more!
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I hope somebody wins an Oscar from this movie!!!

By prettyprpro
Written January 17, 2013
I was hesistant about going to see this movie because I feel horrible after seeing slave type movies. But, I went and I enjoyed it! I loved Jamie Foxx's character and Samuel L. Jackson's character. Somebody needs to win or be nominated for an Oscar from this movie!!
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Django is my new Super Hero!

By airlakers
Written December 27, 2012
Tarantino has done it again! If you liked or loved unglorious bastards, you'll love Django. In my opinion Django is funnier and a little more suspenseful. I've read some reviews in which people where offended by the movie's depiction of slaves and it's use of the "N" word. I'm a minority and have personally experienced racism in my life as a young youth. I can tell you Django doesn't regress BlackPeople 100 years as stated in some reviews. The movies setting is set in1865 and racism and slavery was a daily part of life and now part of our nations history. It's a MOVIE AND A REALLY ENTERTAINING MOVIE AT THAT. DJANGO IS MY NEW SUPERHERO.
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Mel Brooks has to envy this movie

By mkkonderla
Written January 07, 2013
This is a modern day Blazing Saddles. Mel Brooks has to be jealous that he could not push the envelope as Tarrantino did with Django Unchained. This movie will last the ages. If you go to a Quentin Tarrantino movie and are shocked at the racial slurs and languange well then that's like expecting to go to a Jewish Deli and order a pulled Pork sandwich. It's Good vs. Evil and the movie does expose some of the brutality that did exist in the late 1850's in regards to slavery. It was a reality that this country had to overcome. A must see movie. The acting is great but the writing is over the top.
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Django Fiction

By Media Matters
Written January 07, 2013
"Djano" means a fun movie, gotta see it once. "Pulp Fiction," on the other hand, never gets old even though one can view it 100's of times. I noted a number of the audience who talked about the humor in "Django," which is funny and filled with great moments. However In nearly every scene of "Pulp Fiction" there was a take-away moment, a key line one could use later; funnier, too. I rate his movies in order (Directed and/or wrote) 1. Pulp 2. True Romance 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. From Dusk to Dawn 5. All the rest tie at No. 5 Understand, of course, that No. 5 on this list will be floors above most movies, so recognize this is a very high bar by the most creative of people.
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